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Madrid - BKK July


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So to sum it up.


I have to bing pistachos to 2 members.

Videogames to another one.

Latina girl (very hot) would be possible but do you pay her air ticket? :neener:

Bearnaise sauce: I found a few ones at a supermarket but below average quality. (all the others I tried are accomodated to fit Spanish tastes argh)


Question: The payment in barfine, barfine from where? :neener:

beer bar: 500

gogo: 600-700

Soi 33: 1.3K

G club: 2-3K


pick you barfine keeping in mind that I usually do not barfine in beer bar or gogo except if the girl is really convincing and to my tastes of course.


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good to see you're kept busy shopping around :)


Er usually I'm reluctant to go the sponsor route with girls knowing the pitfalls, so best if you could find a latino with interest & ability to pay her way & secure a living in LOS :cover:


BF can be wherever fits the bill up to you :beer:



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Seems a bit of a ripp off to me:

Let's say I buy a few kg of pistacho I will certainly not ask for a barfine, rather a glass of whisky for the price.


The latina will be for the next time then



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Worldfun, now that I think of it.


Why don't you go to Amari boulevard suk soi 5 and order a steak bearnaise?


They make it quite well (the best on I found in BKK)

and they do it themselves.


This said, a bearnaise is quite easy to cook...

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Hotel is nice, some sand people but not too many.

Amari service level.

Not too bad rooms, girl friendly.


Always went there every week.

One for my bearnaise steak.

Other for the buffet.


Also because miss soi 33 worked there I was always well treated by her friends

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