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Trip warning July

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As I said I will travel to BKK in July.


Plan to go to my favorite places in soi 33 but also to G clubs or even Japanese clubs.

(and I just found out that some of my favorite ex-champagne girls are back to pegasus)


If some members are interested to go visit some places let me know and if it is just for a drink at a normal bar I am also available.

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Sure. Give a PT when you get here (or call if you still have my numbers)!




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unfortunately I have no more phone numbers as my phone was stolen in this shithole city.


-> not only am I worried that phone numbers of friends in bKK are gone but also all the phone numbers of the girls who used to be my regular.....


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Drogon I should be around - seems you're very flexible as to venues so I'll try to be flexible too - don't tempt me with those clubs :cover:


We could try some 'neighbourhood clubs' also if you're interested :hubba: :rolleyes::beer:


p.s. I recommend you book yourself as far north of sukhumvit as you dare - just for the fun of it!!

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After an 18 month or so haitus, I'll probably be back in BKK during July as well.


I'm definitely in for the G-Clubs as I much prefer them to the gogos.

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Feel free to PM me around the end of June, let's go have fun with some dancers and PR.




G club stands for: Gentlemen's clubs


They are usually split in 2 sub categories althoug more commonly people refer to them as G clubs.

- Coyote clubs: Clubs with dancers and PR (or cutties)


- G clubs: No dancers, more a cocktail lounge feel


The best known and most popular:

Piano, Caribbean, The pent, Forte, Sherbet, The Soprano etc....


There are hundreds (if not thousands) of G clubs in BKK area, most of them cater to (wealthy) Thais

but there are about 20-30 of them which count some foreign customers too.


They are everywhere in town, with some of the most popular in the Ekkamai, Thonglor areas.


To give you an idea about the settings etc...



The scene has changed through the years. (like everything)

I use to remember the days of old orbitâ?¦with some customers spending obscene amounts of money on dancersâ?¦and never getting them.

These days are gone, PR/dancers are far more easy to score which might also explain why the â??qualityâ? if lower than 4-5 years ago.


I would like to say that pent is a bit of a special case among the coyote clubs.

This is the only club in all BKK with more than 15% of its customers who are farangs/foreigners. (I met quite a few G club owners who were introduced to me by a very good Thai friend).


Pegasus is not a G/coyote club: This is a high end brothel.


What can you expect in a gentlemen club/coyote club these days:


- Basic memberships are at around 20-30K baht for the ones with an â??international clienteleâ?Â, while most Thai market oriented clubs have memberships starting already at 10-15K bht.


This usually brings you 10 (or more) bottles of your favorite poison.

Calculate these amounts against your drinks at nana or cowboy, you will realise that you do not really loose money.

(even soi 33 is cheaper at happy hour than many places in nana and cowboy these days)


- The girls: Beauty is in the eye of the â??beerholderâ?Â, still most clubs have on average ladies who are more beautiful than your standard nana bargirl.


- Customers: Do not expect to meet trash people (by trash I mean a drunken western man, smelly, rude etcâ?¦), this is why I like these places.

Of course, the clubs cater mainly to wealthy Thais and more than a few customers are there to â??show offâ?Â.


- Why people go to G clubs: For Thais and Asians these places are similar to the places they have back home, they use clubs to unwind with colleagues or friends, many of these Asian people are â??on the gameâ? and this is why there is such a turnover among dancers.


Many dancers and PR end up being girlfriends or mia nois of wealthy men.


Westerners: Predominantly expats or regular visitors who have the means to pay the memberships.

Most of them also play the game like their Asian counterparts.


- The ladies: PR and dancers are quite easy to score (at least compared to the past). Some will do it for money, some not.

All are looking for the sugar daddy (read: Generous sponsor)


Yes, they are on the game like their sisters of nana but you still get ladies who are better educated and are usually able to speak about something else than som tam.

(and in clubs with some international customers they also have a better level of English)


All in all: If you do not go crazy on ladydrinks and tips then economically speaking G clubs are as cheap or even cheaper than other nightlife venues.


For sex-craved individuals: Quite easy to score if you are well-manered (and/or if your wallet is full enough) and the â??pussyâ? is fresher.


Clubs? Good to have a night out especially if you have friends, better atmosphere, better quality of entertainment, better ladies

(and freebies do exist in G clubs...at least you do not give money to a girl for ST/LT)



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