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Damn week end


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My arm hurts.


She discovered that I hacked all her email accounts.


As this is the week end I can not change phone number yet (bad timing on my part) and I have no way to block her calls to my fixed landline or to block her sms on my mobile (due to stupid Spanish mobile providers).


-> usual Thai separation, will try to behave and not be cruel


I am stupid to have timed it wrong.


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Mybe it's time for a wake up call, in my honest opinion it's rtaher strange, tending to being sick for hacking into your ex's email accounts and than complain that you're stupid by timing it wrong?


What's going on with you? What's up with all the pix all of a sudden. First she's your holiness and now that it's over you don't mind putting her face all over this forum, not rather stylish, isn't it?


Maybe you should have a hard look at your slef and let her be.

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Neither, they need a signed agreement.


Anyway, I do not care, just a fucking week end.


Call that separation Thai style -> me trying to forget her


Taught me a lesson, never again be involved with a BG/Thai girl

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Mate....I know I'm a dum cnut...BUT


On the "Pulling the Pin" thread....WHICH for some unknown reason seems to have TOTALLY disappeared....THE WHOLE THREAD...!!!!


You told us you had stopped sponsoring AND had changed telephone No. and email addy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So, how the fuck did she get your NEW contact details :dunno::grinyes::dunno:


...anyway 8 years is not a long time....believe me!!!

"IT" can happen at any time and without warning... it happens to most people at some point in time.....people just handle it differently...some talk...some clam up....


Some very wise Bkk hands advised me that if I were ever in the position of wanting to end a "relationship", the best option would be to turn off the "Bat phone".....not answer calls or sms's...and NOT make any calls for at least 2 months... Yep, Cold farkn Turkey....


...Well I've got 51 days to go.....and if I can do it ....anyone can....lol


Getting over the first 3 or 4 days is the tough bit....trust me...I've fallen at that hurdle before...but not any more..


Be strong.....Have absolutely no idea of your circumstances....but I feel for you...


PS limbo and CTO make some very valid points



Cheers DS



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