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Euro 2008 Compie

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For the interested in our midst, predict the result of the games below and sent it to me via PT. I will then (if I have at least 10 participants) post the score in this thread on a daily basis etc etc pretty much the same as the previous prediction compies...and on a latter stage you'll need to predict the games up until the final as well. But until then let's see how many players we've got.


Your call guys!




Saturday 7 June 2008

1 Grp A Switzerland 18:00 Czech Republic

2 Grp A Portugal 20:45 Turkey


Sunday 8 June 2008

3 Grp B Austria 18:00 Croatia

4 Grp B Germany 20:45 Poland


Monday 9 June 2008

5 Grp C Romania 18:00 France

6 Grp C Netherlands 20:45 Italy


Tuesday 10 June 2008

7 Grp D Spain 18:00 Russia

8 Grp D Greece 20:45 Sweden


Wednesday 11 June 2008

9 Grp A Czech Republic 18:00 Portugal

10 Grp A Switzerland 20:45 Turkey


Thursday 12 June 2008

11 Grp B Croatia 18:00 Germany

12 Grp B Austria 20:45 Poland


Friday 13 June 2008

13 Grp C Italy 18:00 Romania

14 Grp C Netherlands 20:45 France


Saturday 14 June 2008

15 Grp D Sweden 18:00 Spain

16 Grp D Greece 20:45 Russia


Sunday 15 June 2008

17 Grp A Switzerland 20:45 Portugal

18 Grp A Turkey 20:45 Czech Republic


Monday 16 June 2008

19 Grp B Poland 20:45 Croatia

20 Grp B Austria 20:45 Germany


Tuesday 17 June 2008

21 Grp C Netherlands 20:45 Romania

22 Grp C France 20:45 Italy


Wednesday 18 June 2008

23 Grp D Greece 20:45 Spain

24 Grp D Russia 20:45 Sweden

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i'll be there.

will send in my predictions later today after some serious deliberations and a few beers...... :thumbup:

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Ok guys, update on the received predictions:



1. Limbo

2. Mentors

3. Zaad


Closing date is 7 June, so I expect a bunch more.




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1. Limbo

2. Mentors

3. Sayjann

4. Zaad


BTW, Limbo's won the toss and he'll receive my predictions before the 7th in order to..you know..verify my fairplay etc :beer:


As for the point system, probably the same as with the previous predction compies unless objections form you guys? I'll post more on that later...lazy to dig for those threads right now , besides, beer's getting warm...cheers! :beer:

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Correct predicted result: 6 points

Correct predicted winner + goals: 4 points

Correct predicted winner: 3 points

Correct predicted goals: 1 point



If you predict the result for the game Soi Dogs versus Katoey United 3-2 and the scoreline is indeedo 3-2 then your lucky ass receives the maximum amount of points per game: 6 points.

If you say 3-2 but the dogs manage to beat the katoeys by 4-2 then you receive 4 points (3 points for correct winner -dogs- and 1 point for correct goals -katoeys-)


If you say 3-2 and it's 5-0 then you get 3 points only (correct winner and no correct predicted goals)

If the katoeys (somehow) win by 5-3 it means you've failed to predict the winner correctly but did guess the right amount of goals for the dogs and score therefore a single point.

In case it's 1-1 then no points are won for this match.

That's it!


Understand? yes? Excellent! No... post your thoughts in here.


If anybody wishes to change the rules as stated above to simpler ones, and no objections from the other participants, then I'm more than happy to do so.


P.S. I copied this from the WC 2006 compie. Wasn't that btw the tournament where the English team.... ah forget it :)



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can i have double points for having 2 A's & 2 N's in my Name?...... :grinyes:

i'll probably need double points..... :(:rolleyes:

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