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Credi crunch...


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Seems that many banks are getting ultra cautious.

At least back here in Europe.


I applied for a new credit card (as now my salary is paid entirely on a Spanish bank account)

and the spending limit I asked was refused.


- I have no other credits at the moment and I have no more loan to repay.


- My monthly salary is higher than the spending limit they accept to give me.


Never happened to me before and this bank is in the top 20 biggest banks worldwide...


Went to another one and they gave me a credit card with the requested spending limit without problem though.


Other people had similar experiences recently?

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In Thailand it can be difficult to get a credit card as a foreigner. The banks have certain criteria that must be met and it all seems transparent enough but when you apply you get knocked back....and no-one is prepared to tell you why.


I know a few guys who got credit cards here but my application was turned down even though I met all the criteria.

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as a foreigner with no local bank/credit history to show it may take several months or even years to build trust with some card issuers.

without 'proof' of (local permanent staff) income as well it's getting near impossible. business owners, consultants etc forget it unless on the company perhaps... ;)


anyway just use your foreign card here :beer:

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