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Barsu review


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I went to this place (Sheraton Grande Skhumvit) on a rainy week day.


I was with my girlfriend and one of her friend.


Settings: Quite nice, lounge feeling but quite "trendy", all in all I was favorably impressed.


Seats/sofas are quite comfortable


Drinks: Nice list of cocktails and other drinks.

Nice white wines list although not a big choice by the glass.


Food: We only sampled the appetizers, nothing special to be said.


Clientele: Mainly hotel guests with a few freelancers thrown in the mix but nothing on the scale of CM2


Staff-service: Wow

Nice dressed ladies (they wore black dress with some hints of red), tall, slim and smiling service.


Cons: The concept is good except for the "music" and the DJ. Music was far too loud, hip hop.


all in all a nice place for the decoration and the beautiful-sexy staff but that is all.


bill was 4k: A few white wine glasses, 2 cocktails

(nice special margarita) and a bit of food.

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