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Speaking of showers.....how come when you buy a hot water heater for the shower, it doesn't have an option for cold?? I understand it can be turned off to not heat (which is what I did) but the water coming in is so warm that the heater is not needed.

you bought a second hand one from two decades ago! :neener:

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Faustian isn't the only one to complain about the heat....my missus is also saying everyday how hot it is and no she is not in heat although she is pretty hot and she has a warming smile.


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Bkt, you appear to be having a conversation with yourself, I'm confused. Again.



I knew it, I knew it! you were eavesdropping on me once again. Shit, I can't do anything right any more without somebody watching me. And don't tell me it is your turn to watch me. I am wise to that now, you know.

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