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Bkt' date=' you appear to be having a conversation with yourself, I'm confused. Again. [/quote']



I knew it, I knew it! you were eavesdropping on me once again. Shit, I can't do anything right any more without somebody watching me. And don't tell me it is your turn to watch me. I am wise to that now, you know.


I just happened to be in the neighbourhood...


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I think Richard Jeni said it best:


[color:purple]"The thing about being the man of the house is, you get to know everything. My dad was always saying, 'Shut up, what do you know?'


"I said, 'Dad, what kind of work will I do when I grow up?'


"He said, 'Work? You don't know what work is. When I was a kid I was working when I was 6 weeks old. In a coal mine.'


"'Really, dad? You were a coal miner?'


"'I was a shovel. Don't be a wiseguy. I used to shovel coal with my face. And I made 4 cents an hour, but I did what I could to help out.'


"And you can't get away. 'Really, dad, I'd love to keep chatting with you, but it's a little hot in here --


"'Hot? You don't know what hot is. When I was a kid, it was 4,000 degrees. People would melt right in front of you. You'd be playing a game with your sister -- boom, a pile of goo with some panties on the Parcheesi board.'


"'Really, dad, I'd love to stay and listen to this bullshit story, but I'm getting a little hungry --


"'Hungry? You don't know what it is to be hungry. When I was a boy, there was no food at all. We used to have to suck lint right off the carpet. We were lint-suckers. Lint-sucking, melting coal miners.'


"Then you get mad and say, 'Well, dad, if it was so bad, why didn't you just leave?'


"'Because we had no arms and legs. We couldn't afford 'em. We were stumps when I was a kid. Lint-sucking, coal-mining stumps that melted. We got fed up and stole a car. Then we realized, we had no arms and legs -- who's gonna drive the car? We had one stump on the seat trying to steer with his face, and another stump on the floor trying to bite the brake pedal. We finally got out of town -- you know what we realized? Nobody could open the goddamn door up. BUT WE WERE THANKFUL FOR WHAT WE HAD.'


"That's what I could never understand. 'But dad -- what did you HAVE?'


"'NOTHING! And we were damn glad to have it.'"[/color]




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Actually today isn't that hot!!!!!!!!!!


It's not cold....I certainly wont be putting on a sweater, but neither will I be donning shorts! Big storm brushing the southern most tip of Bangkok, otherwise a thoroughly boring and useless weather day.


Sorry to disappoint you Troy. Lets hope for a scorcher tomorrow!

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