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The weather sure has been mighty shit lately. Grey everyday, hardly any sunshine, no storms, occasional pathetic drizzle.


This years rainy season has been odd so far. I see an El Nino event is occurring. It might explain some of it.

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Out in the car first time this trip home and within 80KM driving got busted for speeding only 200 THB.


Police did tell me that there were no more speed traps between ehre I was busted and Cha Am, they were correct :D


Some cynics in this forum may call it a Police Scam, Jeez was doing 167 in a 120 zone back in the UK it would have been 3000 Baht and points on Licence, at least here police smile and laugh when relieving me of less than 4 quid.



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In China they'd probably electrocute you...or execute you...


And if you were a women driving....and breaking the speed limit in some of the more backward Islamic states....heaven knows what would happen to you....


So count yourself lucky you're not a women in some sharia law based society!


Ok, so maybe my reasoning is somewhat askew....but this is the useless thread and this post is totally useless. I feel proud of my accomplishment.

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Getting very bored at the weather lately. Everyday is grey....just grey....no sun, no rain, no big clouds....just grey, thin, crap upper clouds. As an added bonus today we have a strong gusty wind. Not a cooling wind though.


What's happened to the weather this year. It's not normal at all.

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