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I was awoken by the sound of screams.


I rushed to my balcony, to see what was happening outside. Something was amiss, there was an odd hue to proceedings. A strange glow emanated from somewhere.


I looked below to see the security guard cowering under the tin parking shed. His face aghast, fear in his eyes.


I asked him, "what ails you my good man, what is afoot?"


He whimpered back, "look sir, look into the sky. It is so big, so hot, so glowing and oh how it burns us....how it burns...."


I looked up, but had to avert my eyes due to the intensity. Having donned my shades, I once again raised my sights, skyward. True enough, a large, circular, object of an yellowish-orange colour hung in the heavens. I was fascinated. I'd heard of this phenomena before, read about it in books, but I couldn't recall having seen it. Or maybe I had, a long time ago...


I shouted down to the fearful minion, "don't worry, it is just the sun".




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