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Sak Yant Tattoo


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I'm sure that for B50k, you could get your whole upper torso 100% covered with tattoos!


I won't post a pix of it here because it is too identifying, but Ms Vampirella just got a a nice multi-colored hand drawn piece on the upper quarter of her back/shoulder -- pretty big, probably 150mm x 300mm (6" x 12") -- from one of the top award-winning artists in the country. It cost us B5k. Ya, a smokin' hot "friend" deal (prolly should have been more like B10-12k), but still.




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well thats the thing...Ill go wherever is cheapest. But I dont want it to look so bad that ill regret later on. Any suggestions where I should get it done? And I'm only spendin 8 days in Thailand so i I want to only spend a day trip doing this. I'd rather not come back for another session. I was planning on picking up a bg and take her with me to get it done to see if I can get it any cheaper and help with the translation.

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Your cheapest would be the temples, and they are more likely to get the Pali prayer/blessing right, and less likely to write some insult on you (as some have had done, so I've read). *BUT* The hygiene issues are a concern, which is why I didn't get one there.


Additionally, the temples use the old school needles, and it is part of a ritual. The detail may not be as sharp as it would if done by a needle gun. Khao Sarn Road and Chattuchak market are full of places (see the latest map by that woman (name escapes me) to see where they are, if they are still there.)


The photos are from Wat Bang Pra. This is a famous place, as are a few others. No ideas what the monk (the main man) would expect for a tattoo, or if he'd even do one. I did see guys leaving cigarettes and small amounts of cash, don't go to crazy if you go there.


Some references for you to look at...






Not sure they do tattooing here...




But you can maybe email them and ask some questions about your intended art and the script.








Not my photo work, but the same place...



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BUT* The hygiene issues are a concern, which is why I didn't get one there.



I have read that they reused the needles over and over again. They say that the ink itself kills all the diseases. Snake venom and battery acid is supposedly in the ink. They also let it saturate in alchol for a few hours. I was curious if the batery acid and the snake venom actually kills hep b and hiv. Can anybody verify this?

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