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Mike Goodtime

Thai Grammar References

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I use the following sources for learning and referencing Thai grammar:


a. Paiboon Publishing's three Thai learning books (i.e., beginner, intermediate, and advanced).


Comments: Lays out the most important and used grammar basics, a great starting point.


b. Thai: An Essential Grammar by David Smyth


Comments: Good short explanations of most of the Thai Grammar you will encounter. Lightweight book and you can even squeeze it into a good-sized coat pocket. The only complaint I have about this book is that it uses to much transliteration and even sacrifices the Thai script in favor of the transliteration. Get this book while (or after) going through the Paiboon books.


c. A Reference Grammar of Thai by Shoichi Iwasaki and Preeya Ingkaphirom


Comments: This is a college-level Thai grammar book, so it is expensive. However, it is well worth the money as it is a hardcover and very detailed. For a first print, this book is awesome! Do not be put off by the scholarly explanations; his explanations come out in the wash when you understand what he is getting at. There are a few typos, sometimes the chosen example sentences are not good ones, and the Thai script is too small. I hope that they will correct these shortcomings in the second edition. If you really want to crack Thai grammar, get this book. I try to read a chapter at least every other day and I will probably do this for the next year or two or three.


P.S. Go to www.thai-language.com to get a full list of various types of Thai learning aids with reviews by the website author.


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