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Resizing photos

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You should put it in the links section. In this part of the board no-one will see it in 90 days from now. Or put a link in the photo upload section ....



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There are some restrictions.


Web Resizer APIProgram Policies

Webresizer is free to use on commercial or community websites


Webresizer may not be used on any website that contains:


Advocacy of violence or racial intolerance.

Adult content.

Illicit drugs, weapons or ammunition.

Gambling related content.

Replicas or imitations of copyrighted material.

Sale or distribution of exam papers or student essays.

Cruelty to animals (including rubber ducks).

Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others.

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As some of you may not have the right software to resize photos before uploading them to Thai360.com, I thought this site might come in handy:






It allows you to upload a photo and modify it on the fly (resizing, rotating, changing contrast ratio, etc.)





KS, haven't tried yet uploading any images, one question:


Is it a policy that images should be uploaded to the site or links for other sources are acceptable?

I mean, my own site that stores them. No junk from elsewhere, only pics I did myself.


Resized to ~150KB or less but the size should not bother you, only a link.

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