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A review could be...


You walk in or are sometimes ushered in. Maybe a service person will direct you to a seat...maybe they wont. There might be seats available, there might not.


You sit on some poor quality seating, often damaged/stained, but it's usually seen better days.


A service person might ask if you want a drink...or you might have to wait until a new customer is noticed and grudgingly you are attended to. It does seems to be a major trauma for a dekserve to get off their lazy ass sometimes.


You order your drink, often having to repeat the order because understanding vodka or whiskey is so difficult...it isn't like it's their job to take orders or anything....


In front of you will be a stage.


On this stage a group of youngish ladies will dance crappily. They will usually be clothed, but in some places not. They will universally be ugly, with a few exceptions. If you are young and handsome, or you look minted, they will seek your attention...if you aren't then you will be ignored. Crap music will almost certainly be playing, far too loudly.


Sometimes a lady will come and sit with you wanting a drink...except for the young and handsome guys, who will be sat with because the lady fancies you. Older guys will usually have to seek the dekserves help, which involves asking for a lady to come and sit with you. Usually the ladies wear numbers to make this process easier.


A conversation will ensue...


Questions such as "where u come from?" will be asked. If the girl likes you or thinks you will be an easy fuck and easy money, she will ask if she can go with you. If she doesn't like you, you will need to ask her. She will probably go with you regardless....it's all about the money.


Expensive poorly mixed drinks will be drunk. All profits going to some faceless owner. If you like beer you get a choice of watery crap tasting beer instead.


Check bins will be paid, bar fines will be paid. Sex will be average at best.


Some bright sparks have come up with new variations such as bath's or showers, but not in Bangkok. Some bars have shows where the girls act out some lame arsed fantasy, but they will not be enjoying it and are only doing it to pull the punters in.


Most girls have attitudes. Most are emotionally damaged. Most are ugly. Exceptions do exist....or so I've read.



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