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mind games


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got the following email today:


K**** I'm glad that you buy flight ticket to see me here. I'm always waiting to see you here. I hope you are not too busy there. Please take care of yourself. Have a good day. I will send photos to show you after I come back from xxxxxxx.


Miss you



given that 'x' told me that old 'k' was a memory, the email was a hoot - clearly, tg in a hurry sends her emails and mistakenly sends both to me. or not.


i have repeatedly told her i dont give a rat's about her other 'admirers', but i guess there is no fun in that, is there ? her last bf was, depending on the mood she is in:


- an ozzie

- a kiwi

- a figment of my imagination (my personal fave..)


if you find a sane one, hang on for grim death.



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If only her predecessors had been saner/more secure/more physically attractive, I may have a barometer. As it is, I am of the opinion that most women are stark staring mad, but what is the alternative ? Go and live in a commune with latent homos who bang on about the need to be a 'real man' ?

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Cut your junior -> feed the ducks then retire into a monastery or a wat?


Does it sound like a solution for you?



Gay is not option I think :nono:


After numerous mistakes I think I found the right one for me so I believe you will find yours too.


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Reminds me of how I busted a bitch trying to play me...and an other...


.....Always meant to ask.....but forgot...


..Did .."He".....ever find out that you fucked her???


:grin: :grinyes::dunno::grinyes: :grin:




Depending on who you are talking about...I may Not have fucked her...then again, depending on who you are talking about, I may have...tough call really subjective...

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Drogon, I really hope for all our sakes that you have found the right one, but you have to admit that the crazy ones can be a lot of 'fun', at least IMO. Many of the women who shared my bed in May-July were as boring as daytime TV when the sun came up, but this girl was rarely boring. I had a lot of years of being bored as hell before I broke free and went to the LOS : she makes me laugh, and that makes the BS bearable.



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