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Chivit Chiva Massage & Spa


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Chivit Chiva. A great place to go with your girlfriend for a nice couples massage. Easy to get to location on Sukhumvit Soi 19 across from the Robinson's car park entrance. Friendly staff; for the language-impaired: menu in English, decent English skills from reception, the masseuses not so much (but does it really matter?).


The experience. You walk into the place and choose from a menu. The lighting is low and music is classical Thai. They bring you slippers and a cup of warm water or tea. After you choose your massage, you get lead over to a foot bath, with rose petals floating in the water. There your masseuse scrubs your feet with salt. Then she leads you upstairs to the massage room, which are separated by curtains you can open, so you and your honey can lay next to each other.


They supply little pajama things, and a closet to put your stuff in. Put the PJs on, over your underwear. The massage is very professional, not the smash-n-bash of some of the little shops. Needless to say, no extra services are available, so don't ask.


After the massage, you are lead downstairs, where your shoes and a cup of ginger tea await. No rush is made to get you out of there or pay the bill. Just do so at your leisure. When you do leave, your masseuse walks you out the door. Very nice service.


The costs. Ms Vampirella and I get the two hour traditional Thai massage for B1,000ea, then we tip the gals B200ea. They also offer one hour at B600 and 90 min at B800, plus a bunch of other spa services, but we've not tried them. They accept pretty much all plastic.


Highly recommended (but then again, I don't post a review on things I do not like).




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I took Dimples to a similar place on Soi 25 (I think) a few years back.


I wanted to give her a treat but, believe it or not, she was uncomfortable being all naked and such. By the time we were enjoying our afterwards tea, I was desperately trying to find someone to pay so we could just get the flock out of there and return her to the friendly confines of Soi Cowboy so she could be with her friends.


The place was similar to what you describe, but no walking through flower pedals. They did, however, have a pre-massage sauna, if wanted.


It was all very romantic. :))

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I've had two massages recently with a girl.


First one was as described above - cost 400 baht each. Complete with private etc. rooms / orchards / tea. Tipped 50 baht each. Ugly old ladies too.


Yes I am a cheap Charlie!


Second one was at a place in Soi 33 called "Evil Lesbians pretending to do Massage" or something like that.


For 800 baht each we got naked all together showered together, rubbed in oil, and while I accepted a offer of cultural traditional Thai kite flying, my friend declined the offer of having her neither parts tounge massaged, settling for a nipple twist instead.


All in all I had a great orgasm.


Tipped them 100 baht each.

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I'm sooo envious...


Things are so bad lately that I've had to take to manipulating my own kite strings......


...guess it helps a little having someone on the other end of the phone ....giving instructions.....


Last time it was just fantastic...


...So I tipped myself 20 baht



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menu in English, decent English skills from reception, the masseuses not so much (but does it really matter?).

you try to speak english to a masseuse or BG? i haven't done this in years!

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