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Christmas dinner!


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Cheers Cent!!


I did Le Banyan....cost me 6,100 Baht for the privilege, but it was exactly what I wanted. Great food, nice atmosphere, Good venue. Met the owners too and I even got a glass of Cognac on the house. All in all a wonderful evening for myself and my girlfriend. We had a fantastic time and will go back again. Didn't go nuts on the wine, just had the house Shiraz, which was very drinkable and reasonably priced. Did go nuts on the food though.


Anyway, Highly recommend this place....and thanks once more to SD and Drogon who convinced me to go!


We will go back there again....I'll even take my mother there when she visits!


Hope everyone had a great time too!

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Mr Bang & I went to Bourbon St for the buffet. Excellent as always. Place was full at 1900, luckily I'm friends with the owners and a table was secured from out of nowhere. Kewl.


With a bottle of Aussie red (B850), a Black-so and the two buffets, it came to B3150.


An added bonus was a troupe of cute Thai middle-high school gals dressed in red elf outfits moving about the dining area singing Christmas carols. Nice.


Oddly tho', I only saw on person I knew: Ms Vampy's good friend and fellow classmate "The (future) Lawyer" with her new Brit BF.




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The Hare and Hound did a great xmas dinner 900 bht and all the trimmings. They have great food up until midnight everyday. Fish and chips is well worth a try and its a non bar girl place so missus friendly.Sau Dum your right, its obvious drogon has not been to bourbon, its quite a respectable place.

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