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Travelling from Bali to Jkt by train


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There are no trains in Bali.


I think there are trains in Java.


I have seen shopping places in Bali where there were busloads of Javanese tourists. Busloads as in that is how they were traveling.


I have seen Java from the far west side of Bali. I saw the wires carrying the electricity. But where is the switch?


I don't know anything more. Sorry.



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JKT - Bali :


Jakarta - Surabaya by the north (9 hours) or south (12 hours) route.


Surabaya - Banyuwangi by non-aircond train (8 hours)


Banyuwangi - Gilimanuk in west Bali by ferry (30 minutes)


Gilimanuk - Denpasar by bus (1 hour)


Denpasar - Legian/Kuta/Seminyak by taxi (30 minutes)





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I am told that the Jakarta-Bandung road is much better now, but when I was there it was hideous - winding mountain road with sheer drops into jungle and lots of blind corners. When I asked my GFs brother if the road improved for the long drive to Surabaya, he replied that it was worse - more trucks and miles of mountainous terrain. I can not think of anything scarier than enduring 9 hours on a bus in those conditions - good luck, you will need it.



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