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Jakarta Update - Take 2


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Red Square and CJs are still the best pick-up spots in town, jam packed almost every night. Mystere in Ritz is worth a visit also, especially on weekends.


As usual, you'll find the hottest girls (non-pros) in the glam "in" clubs/bars : X2 (as Equinox and Vintage, same location) is THE current place to be, yet Dragonfly, Manna Lounge, Cinna Bar, Centro, Embassy, ect are still good.


If you're a bit adventurous go to clubs in Kemang that donâ??t have cover charge . That is where you find nice middle-class student-chicks, who will bed you right away and for free. Indonesian women are very straight forward about sex. If they like you they will fuck you. There's dozens of happening and cool venues in Kemang, just make you choice.


If you associate yourself with middle aged and overweight guys with no taste, go to Block M. You would feel right at home. Personally the NUMBER ONE thing that I just absolutely can't stand when I am traveling are those expat pick-up bars usually loaded with ugly hardened pros and beer drinking - hamburger eating americans and brits. Just the mere sound of a fucking english speaking tourist or expat whining and complaining is enough to send me into a tailspin of suicidal depression.


Bats and Tiga Puluh are still good places to chill and pick-up pros or semi-pros. But donâ??t listen anyone who says that girls there are 9-10...BS. You wonâ??t see any 9s there let alone 10s. But overall quality is not bad considered that they ask +/- 50 â?¬ for the night.


And remember that Jakarta club life doesnâ??t begin before midnight and doesnâ??t end until 5 or 6am (bars get busy earlier though).


To answer your PM, I'm not in town, and have no plans to go back in a next future. I now concentrate on FSU, and especially on Uzbekistan, which is my new favorite place.


Hope this helps.



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