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Did you cheat?


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Simple question.


When in a relation I don't cheat but the other day I felt very tempted by a mixed blood Italian/South American lady who was at the company's party....

and she was up for a try.


Not the kind of woman to spend my life with but a body to kill for and seems she wasn't against a bit of fun....



Didn't went to her condo as invited...although I did want it very much.


Stupid me I suppose

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I wouldn't go...probably one of the hottest mixed European/South American girls I met...


Beautiful face, legs, feet, ass, breasts exactly how I like them and quite obviously available otherwise I doubt she would have invited me to "visit" her piso/condo....


Still, I wouldn't go because she is a good friend of a Venezuelian girl in my staff -> I really don't need gossips in my team now.




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Depends I suppose...what constitutes cheating? if your "wife/GF etc" stopped giving up the pussy at home, or wasn't sucking/giving you what you need, than is it really cheating to go and get it else where? I think not.


Now, was your GF nearby? willing to do right for you? If so, maybe different than if she is 1/2 a world away doing god knows what with who for how much...? I'd have done it myself, as you never know what is coming next, or when it will all end.

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