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ATM fees

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I do believe when the OP mentions "overseas transactions" which would then imply his friend is using an ATM card for overseas transactions -> in LOS.


Therefore, I could believe there is an increase in the fees...


My "overseas transactions" fees for my European ATM card (debit card not CC) passed from a 2% commission on the total amount of the transaction to a 3%....


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The OP didn't specify from which overseas bank/country the ATM card was issued...


Samak: max 10K???? Did the maximum amount/per transaction you can get at the ATM change????


With my Belgian card I also do pay a fixed commission but with my Spanish ones I do pay a percentage....


Of course in LOS, I try to use my SCB/kasikorn cards as much as possible.

(not always possible as I have to fund these accounts from here prior to my travel)


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