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ATM fees

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Yeah total dual pricing scam to add to the already long list :rolleyes:


Latest info seem to say 'only' Bangkok Bank & kasikorn started charging foreign ATM/Debit/Credit cards the 150bt fee upfront (visible on your ATM receipt if available).


The thick thing about this is that no warning is given upfront that there'll be an additional charge as e.g. is the case in US, UK or other 'few' ATMs who charge local/foreign cards direct.


I guess the berst work around is to get local ATM card & transfer money ahead via TT/Swift...


Or possible be sure to use excluded banks like perhaps the foreign ones, Citi, UOB, Thanachart? etc?

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Citi charges 1% and the exchange rate is not the best.


Just check the off-shore and in country rates to see if you should bring cash (or T/C) or pull from an ATM.


I will pull a bit from the UOB ATM using my Citi card today and report back of any charges.

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please do report back - cheers!


you mean US issued citi cards have 1% with drawel fee added on top of the foreign currency exchange rate (mark up)?


I believe German issued cards have a 'flat' â?¬3.90 ATM fees & some 1% on top of the 'interbank rate'.

But if with drawing @ Citi bkk (sathorn rd near soi convent) no ATM fee should apply.


Using e.g. UOB might save the new local '150thb' fee while using Bkk bank, kbank etc won't!!!



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exchange rate for atm withdrawels is NOT set by the local bank (giving you the dough), but solely by the card issuer (usually in conjunction with the associated 'system' i.e. 'cirrus', 'plus', 'visa', 'mastercard' etc!


Are you sure about that? I always thought I got the exchange rate of the local bank at the ATM and that is what is subsequently charged to my overseas account. If it is true what you say, it makes no sense to me why I get a better exchange rate at an ATM in Thailand than what my bank in the Netherlands offers me.

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