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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

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So it was one of those miserable weekend weather days - had worked in the business for 15 hours the day before - placed a coffee on the table and threw on an oldie- “Papillon”. Still a classic still a pleasure to pass away 2 odd hours. Have forgotten the number of times I’ve enjoyed this movie- it’s been a few times however.Took me back to my earlier days - and my earlier days of visits to LOS. Movies do that at times - sometimes yes sometimes. 

Have you seen The Third Man? I shall throw that on one day - ol man Cotter ! 

In the mean time I am planning my final days here before trying ( dabbling) in time off. (I am) Following FB postings on R and R it reminds me of a significant lack of free time on my part. For those of you who are in that phase of retirement- you are the lucky ones. 

There is value in ‘time off’ - not so? 

See ya! 

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American Animals [2018] 
An original take on the heist genre that switches between documentary style recall of events by the real culprits interspersed with a goofy film screenplay of their true daring student heist of rare library books. Very entertaining, well directed with a good soundtrack. 

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