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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

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OK then:       Zoe Saldana

I saw The Grey, yes, a very good movie IMHO

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm [2020] After a 14 year hiatus, Borat is back in a better crafted story where he's back in today's America satirizing some of the more dubious parts of its culture in the

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Green Street Hooligans (2005)


IMB - "A wrongfully expelled Harvard undergrad moves to London, where he is introduced to the violent underworld of football hooliganism."


Better put, Frodo Baggins becomes a West Ham supporting football thug. Have to say I really enjoyed it. Plenty of proper fighting to.

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Expendables 3 - I've heard it will win every nomination it receives at the Oscars, as the last two did... It's what you expect, same as the last two.. awesome. Good for fun, but they throw a few younger ones into the mix, seems the old boys are a bit sore...


Million ways to die is on the "while I'm doing the ironing" stick, tomorrow.

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Blue Ruin 2013 - Nice little, nasty murder flick. Engrossing.


I Frankenstein 2014 - Started OK, soon it was so spectacular that I got bored with the constant Demon vs Gargoyle (the good guys) fights that peppered the movie. At the end I discovered why this was a let down, it was from a "Graphic Novel", which is sycophantic art speak for a Comic, you know, 12 pages of colourful pictures...


We are Most Amused, not sure what year, 2008? The Royal Variety Show on the Prince Charlie's 60th Birthday. Featuring performances by Robin Williams and Joan Williams. Good

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