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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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Just watched Body of Lies (Decaprio/Crowe/Ridley Scott) and it was bloody excellent. :up::up::up: Ridley rarely dissappoints. When Decaprio first appeared on the big screen I thought he was just another pretty boy actor but as the years go by he just gets better and better. One of the best now.


Watched The Transporter last night. Enjoyable action flick, nothing more.

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I am a big fan of Ridley Scott as well. I love the cinematography in his movies like Blade Runner, Black Rain, and Gladiator. He is great at creating a certain mood with his camera shots.


As for recent movies I watched and enjoyed:


"The Hangover", very funny. The photos during the ending credits had me in tears laughing.


"Gran Torino". Great movie. Add "Get off my lawn" to the list of classic Clint Eastwood movie lines.

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Themes of Japanese death, culture, relationships and learning. Very well done.






Sort of like being in a live action game of Doom or Quake, with mixed with elements of Aliens






Unreal plot but a few funny moments. For those who find Sandra Bullock sexy,there is almost full frontal, except her hand is over her bush and her arm across her nips. Nice hips, for those into that sort of thing.Then again, some would say a nekkid Sandra Bullock is reason to NOT see a movie.




Phobia 2:


5 Thai directors doing short stories. A couple of them have some good shocks, the last story has a nice twist and is a bit funny, funny enough to make me laugh aloud.



Sorority Girls:


True crap of a slasher flick. How can anybody respect a film of this particular genre when you don't even get to see the tits on the sexy bitch villain.

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"going by the book" (Korean movie)


"old boy" (Korean movie)


Both really great movies and truely original ways of treating classic themes.

("bank robber" kind and "thriller/revenge" kind)


I rate them higher than movies such as "seven"...


I downloaded/burned Oldboy a couple weeks ago so I could get friends to watch it. Chan-wook Park is a fucking incredible director. Saw it originally at a screening at the Egyptian theater in LA in '04. Lots of people and noise/buzz before the film, after it was dead silence. A lot of Koreans in the audience were visibly shaken. Not for light of heart.




Tuesday night I went to see Inglorious Basterds then snuck into District 9 after. Liked 'em both.



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I am staying with a cold at home and downloaded some DVD rips in the last two days (I have a 25MBit VDSL connection now :cool:)


The Proposal: Was ok. Woudln't pay for it :down::up:


District 9:

An intersting Sci-Fi movie. A new plot story in Sci-Fi genre.

My recommendation! :up::up:


Star Trek (2009):

Typical Stark Trek story with a new twist. A lot of action. Needs to be watched in a movie with huge sceen and good sound system.



G.I. Joe:

A movie for 14 year old boys. Stupid story. Typical, uninspiring action and fight scenes. :down:

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