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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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2012- cross between Poseidon Adventure and Airplane, especially with the multiple "All Star" (B-level) cast and even more double especially with George Segal (can he be taken seriously in anything?). Great effects but... isn't that just expected nowadays, especially for a, what, $300 million dollar film? The girl I was with, at least 5 times, said, "Very lucky". C'mon- crash land in the Himalayas, survive... and then get picked up by some Buddhist monks driving by who just happen to be going where you need to be? Extra credit for John Cusack, an actor I like and nutcase Woody Harrelson, who plays a nutcase with crazy conspiracy theories, who happens to be correct.



Paranormal Activity- slooooow, but still creepy. The unresolved ending had my girl cursing at the screen (Thais like things wrapped up neatly, especially if there's a relationship involved). She didn't want me to turn off the lights that night.Extra credit for making a movie that cost only USD $15,000, but has now grossed over USD $100,000,000!



Just finished watching it as well. With regards to the unanswered questions of 'what happens now' at the ending it made me wonder.


What IF we had to start all over again. Would we make the same mistakes? What would we do differently as a world? In the movie, there would be no more territorial conflict between Israeli and Arab any more or Indian and Pakistani, in fact most of the territorial issues are 'resolved'. Would they still fight or argue?


Apologies if this derails into a political thread. I was just wondering.


Special effects were top notch though. Agree on Woody Harrelson. He plays a great conspiracy nut.


I would think there are easier ways to survive the ending of the world though. Space shuttles and build a massive station that can hold far, far more people perhaps? I would assume that the better submarines would come in rather useful and offer a fairly good rate of survivability.

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For some reason I just don't do movies anymore. Maybe due to the fact that I worked in a cinema during my high school years so I got burned out on the whole scene.


The only movies I see are on planes it seems.


Anyway, the point of this post is for watching movies on the TV. I've gotten to the point that I'll pull up the Wiki or IMBD page for the movie and read the summary at the same time as watching the movie. That will lead me to YouTube or DailyMotion to watch specific scenes or videos of music featured. And will Wiki link all the main actors or actresses of interest.


Is this normal or am I weird?



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