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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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Absolutely Anything [2017]


Eccentric aliens in a far off place experiment on a single human on earth by providing him the ability to do absolutely anything. A Terry Jones comedy with a touch of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy about it. It is not as hilarious as it might have been but memorable for its feel good British style lunacy as well as being the last movies of Robin Williams and likely that of the currently remaining members of Monty Python!


Yes, made me laugh, worth a watch :)


Robin Williams captures his part perfectly.

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The Dinner [2017]


The third movie rendition of a Dutch novel, this one from Hollywood about two families who meet for dinner to discuss the future of their children after a crime. I read the novelist walked out the screening thinking the movie was wrong. I have not seen the other two versions from Europe or read the book but this film is painful. Interesting to watch for comedian Steve Coogan in a serious role-play as a teacher with mental health issues as Richard Gere does what he always does. The amazing food menu soothes us from some annoying arguments to have to listen to.

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Game of Thrones

Season 7 Episode 1


WOW!!!! what and opening!!! Arya Stark, go girl go!!!!


The stage has been set...let the games begin...


There ought to be a separate GoT thread assuming its popularity on here as the worlds biggest TV show. Glad to see the Starks winning for a change and taking losses as they did most of the previous 6 seasons.


The transformation of Sansa is startling. I didn't like her openly challenging Jon Snow. I agreed with Jon Snow about not removing that house. The kids who inherited the house will be his most ardent follower out of gratefulness.


I long to see Bran, Sansa and Arya reunite with Jon. I wonder if Bran will reveal what he knows about Jon's parentage? Arya is a bad ass though but so is Sansa in her own right. I don't have as much faith in Jon's leadership abilities. The 'Battle of the Bastards' exposed a huge flaw in his character. Sansa knew Rickon was going to be killed. She wrote him off emotionally and warned Jon about it and it takes a very, very strong character to write off your own brother.


I have heard a few spoilers that I won't get into.


When the series ends I think a prequel trilogy movie about "Robert's Rebellion" would be great to see. As well as how the 7 kingdoms were subdued. Loved the books as well and can't wait for Martin to finish them.

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Well maybe it should, I came across a line of Korean movies, that are very porny, they don't show the actual squidgy bits, but nudity, breasts, nipples and enthusiastic action is all there, clever camera angles remove the need to pixelate the genitalia like the Japanese do and they really go at it for extended sessions, no plot required. Plus some stunning girls. Can be got through KODI.

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TV series Westworld (2016) - panned by some critics - 9.2 in IMDB - I like it very a lot :) I'm up to episode 4, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, some tits and arse, gore, though not excessive - Recommended.


A series inspired by the 1973 film of the same title written by Michael Crichton about a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings. (IMDB)


I went back to July of 2016 of this thread so in an attempt (possibly failed attempt) not to repeat movie suggestions. I need to watch this from the beginning. I saw a few episodes in the middle and it didn't resonate with me as much as some friends who were raving about it.


Anyway, Elon Musk of Tesla car fame is very, very worried about AI and human existence. I have read privately he is more worried than he suggest in this video



I also read the reason he wants to build on Mars is because he thinks eventually AI will take over. That said, and it may have been suggested because I haven't caught up is 'Ex Machina'. I liked it but of course its opinion. Its Musk's fear realized without giving away too much of a spoiler.

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Sansa knows how sneaky Littlefinger is. Why play your hand? He is out in terms of influence, so its logical for him to be secretly plotting with one of the other players (cerasi or daeneryis).


Euron Greyjoy is a bad ass and seems to replace Ramsey Bolton as the new bad guy. I am anxiously waiting for the Stark family reunion. Bran, Arya, Sansa and Jon. Spoiler alert. I hear Arya and Sansa will be at odds....again as they were as kids. Arya will blame her for her father's death over the letter she wrote to Robb about their dad being a traitor.


Bran is rightful heir of Winterfell. I don't think he wants it but he's the oldest male heir. How will that play out?

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