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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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American Made [2017]

Fast paced entertaining crime adventure with slightly odd castings based on true escapades of Brian Speal, TWA pilot turned smuggler for both the CIA and Medellin cartel uncovered during Iran Contra. Only available online with HC Korean subtitles at moment.

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Dave Gorman: Modern Life is Goodish


Not a movie but a TV show


Purportedly a comedian, this Dave Gorman has a TV stage show wherein he walks us through his powerpoint slides that he's put a lot of thought into.


The last episode was a guided tour through the 'net app Tinder, in which he impersonated his wife to strike up a dialogue with someone who'd appropriated his (Dave's) photo for a fake account on Tinder.


Now this was all mildly amusing, I found it fascinating, not so much for the insight into Tinder and it's utility in this world of internet, after all, I've been in the web business since it started and nothing is new under the sun as they say.


But I did find enlightening, the attitudes and also the degree (or lack) of understanding about how this all works.


Am I alone in thinking that the modern generation have become slaves to the 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch screen?


As many would understand, my generation knows how to change the spark plugs in an engine, any engine, we know how to tie down a load on the back of a vehicle so it doesn't depart at the first corner, we know, that dirty shoes can be taken off before entering a house, we know that if we are attracted to a woman and she's fluttering her eyelashes at us and running flags up poles, that it's usually OK to ask her on a date.


We also know, that if our first impressions of a woman, are that she's (using modern parlance) got her resting bitch face on, and is spitting tacks, that this is a sign of things to come and this person is probably best avoided.


We also know, that avoiding said individuals, does not constitue misogyny or male - female harassment.


We can usually light a fire, carry heavy loads, cook well enough to eat well and find intellectual escape in more alcohol than females generally approve of.


We also know, that due to the female of the species' avarice, that we can get a porn star like, sexual encounter, for a sum of money. And whilst a percentage of females and some males may be providing this service under duress, the majority are doing it by choice, for the money, and a minority are doing it because they love the work.


It would seem to me that a variation of "the world owes me a living" is the modern generation's mantra, this is not just the older generations periodic dismissal of whatever younger generation there is at the time, my parents prolly felt the same' way about my generation.


In my generation, one may have aspired to be a rock star or an astronaut, or a president, or some similar high flier and if we did, it was with a sense, that some work would need to be accomplished to achieve said goal.


The modern generation, or Foofs as I call them, seem convinced that a slavish devotion to a smart phone will shower them with wealth and theretofore, fame and accolades.


K Khardashian is partly responsible, her Mother I think is a marketing genius, but all Kim has really done is make this:




acceptable in public, to the modern world


and also she duped this guy:




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