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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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It might have been mentioned already, but I saw 'Law Abiding Citizen' on Saturday. Excellent movie.


It is basically about a guy taking revenge on the justice system that failed him.






Just saw it myself yesterday morning inbound to Bangkok and was enthralled by it, best movie I have seen in quite a while.


Well worth watching if you haven't seen it already.

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*** 1/2



In real life there is much more to this story.


I have personal knowledge of the TIGHAR expeditions to Niku.


If one digs real deep into the cast and crew of this expidition one might find some interesting information.


That's all I can add.


I don't think I should be posting even this as the 'authorities' monitor everything.

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"From Paris With Love" with John Travolta. Travolta, a super anti-terrorism operative (presumably with the CIA) must kill about 40+ dope traffickers and middle east terrorists. I don't normally get off on violence just for the sake of violence, but this flick was different. Actually had a story line to it and the pieces fit together at the end. Lots of car chases and explosions too. If you're into action flicks, would recommend.


BTW, Travolta looks like he has taken/taking steroids. Baseball fans know how Barry Bonds' head seemed to out-grow his body. Travolta's looks the same.



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"From Paris With Love" with John Travolta.


Critics panned it. 35% rating (not good) at Rotten Tomatoes. I wasn't expecting much.


And surprise... genuinely liked it. When Travolta makes his entrance I initially found it obnoxious and corny -- but the story is unpredictable and enjoyable. And kinda cool. So is his performance as it all unfolds. Thumbs up.


Also saw 'Edge of Darkness' with Mel Gibson. Didn't like. Boring. He needs to quit acting and go back to directing 'Apocalypto' kinda shit. That, was good. YMMV.

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Last 2 movies I saw were "The Wolfman" and "Shutter Island".


The Wolfman, a remake of the 1941 classic with Lon Chaney, Claude Rains, Evelyn Ankers, Ralph Bellamy and the inimatable Maria Ouspenskaya (as the gypsy lady), was an interesting collage. Atmosphere in the movie was great, as was the acting with Benedicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Hugo Weaving, et al. However, there were lots of plot jumps in the story that did not hang together, you found yourself asking, how did Lawrence get here or there? The effects were good although, from what I understand, they tried to stay away from CGI effects and let the actors be werewolves often under makeup. Obviously some of the scene had to be very athletic doubles or graphics. All in all enjoyable, but the plot had holes.


On the other hand, Shutter Island is not to be missed. Leonardo di Caprio turns in a masterpiece performance (hopefully worthy of an oscar nomination), running through a full gamut of emotions and characters. The supporting cast, Ben Kingsley et al. are excellent. The story is well written and the frightening moments are more those which touch the soul rather than over stimulating the auditory and visual senses--a gimmick much too overused in most "scary" movies. Scorsese has always been one of my favorite directors and IMHO, he does not fail here. The movie does not drag at all in its 2 hours+, but it does require your attention as there are a lot of plot lines to follow as the story untangles. If you take a Thai GF with you who does not speak English well, but rather reads the subtitles, they might be better served to see the movie in Thai, unless they can read the subtitles very quickly, as there are many scenes were is a lot of important, verbal interaction as well as a lot of medical babble. But, all in all, the movie is not to be missed, really, really, excellent.

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