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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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Also saw 'Edge of Darkness' with Mel Gibson. Didn't like. Boring. He needs to quit acting and go back to directing 'Apocalypto' kinda shit. That, was good. YMMV.


I found "Edge" boring also. Plot felt contrived. Gibson's acting was okay, but he didn't have a lot to work with. He kind of came off as a Dirty Harry Light.


And yes, "Apocalypto" was very good.




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So most of the time I'm not into the 'horror' genre as the movies aren't that scary, and I find slasher films boring after 20 minutes or so.


Without a doubt the best and most innovative horror films of the past decade came out of Asia, not Hollywood, IMHO.


This weekend I had to be at home on call and had nowhere to go -- felt like watching a horror flick for a change. Hell, even a slasher film.


So, I get Borderland and Wolf Creek to watch... thinking I'll probably turn them off halfway though due to disinterest.


Oh no. They scared me. I haven't been scared by a film in a long time... and they both SCARED me. Maybe it was the left/right combo, but I couldn't sleep on Friday night. Ended up watching 'the Great Escape' at 1am just to get my mind on something else.


Good stuff.

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