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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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Saw Alice in Wonderland over the weekend. Rather enjoyed it. It’s hard to dislike any movie that Johnny Depp is making these days. Tim Burton continues to be maybe the weirdest director ever.

Was not the 3D version. I don't like the 3D, makes me nauseous and is useless.


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Saw the following in BKK @ Ekkamai, Emporium, and some other places (forgot). Nice escape in the heat and like going to the movies.


Must be getting a little old though, now I get restless and start drifting unless it's good.


Drifted a lot during some of these.



- Legion: Condense it to a half-hour short and might've been entertaining. Good effects. Weak story drawn out to make a feature film.


- Ironman 2: I don't understand the mass appeal of these films, though Robert Downey plays the character well -- I hate the dialog and predictable nature of... everything. And I'm not one of the guys that hates blockbusters. LOVED Die Hard. Still do. But Iron Man's big appeal puzzles me.


- Brooklyn's Finest: Dark depressing movie about choices and consequences. And the consequences of a life of violence. Not done in a cheesy way. A little long but liked it.


- The Hole. Watched it in 3D and still fell asleep.


- Wat 9. Thai film about Karma. Along with Brooklyn's Finest, liked it. Another film about consequences to our actions and a big picture kinda meaning to our lives. Was well done.


- Ong Bak 3. WTF did they do to this franchise? The first one I liked. This one was OK if you need to kill time.


- Clash of the Titans. Also OK. Cool effects and a slightly new interpretation of the story.


- Also saw another Thai film that was a slapstick comedy with a Thai Che Geuvara character. Same cast that does the comedy routines on TV. -- it was OK also, I think comedy is a tough genre to pull off anywhere and most of them are mediocre. This one was a little above that, but not much.



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The very good Romanian movie "4 luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile" (a movie about the illegal absortions during Ceaucescu era) that was Palme d'or at Cannes two years ago.


Grim, but only recommended for those who are not into Hollywood shit.




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