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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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Just saw 3 new movies in Bangkok, not all on at the cinemas but easily available in DVD rip quality non of which bored me if though not all that good perhaps:


I Love You Phillip Morris (2010) :up: :up: (I think the wife liked this more than me!)


Heartless (2009) :up::up::up::up:


Pimp (2010) :up:

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I Love You Phillip Morris


Loosely based on fact, which makes Steven's, the main character, exploits amazing. While serving a prison term, the guy faked having AIDS, impersonated a doctor to get transferred to a private research study, then called the prison to announce his death.


Also, impersonated a judge to get his bail lowered, paid it and escaped.


Entered the art program in prison, saved green marker pens until he had enough ink to dye a set of clothes green, the same color worn by the prison doctors ... and then just walked out of the place. The guy had a 163 IQ (all above from wiki).


The gay love aspect of the story was totally in your face and really humanized him. Warning: Seeing Jim Carrey butt-fucking some Village People looking dude or kissing Ewan McGregor might make this unwatchable for some!

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I really liked I Love You Phillip Morris. The protagonist was such a compulsive liar and such an enormous cheat! Some of the stunts he pulled were really outrageous. Definitely fun to watch. Ewan McGregor knows how to portray a gay man without overdoing it.


I didn't like the movie Chloe though. Too predictable. After only 10 mins. I could sense how it would end. It was like Fatal Attraction, but worse. A lot worse.

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"I Love You Phillip Morris" has had its USA release dates changed several times. Was July and now looks like Oct.


It's a French production and the Luc Besson backed EuropaCorp says it never got the full $3 million advance that the US distributor Consolidated agreed to pay last year.


So it's up to the courts.





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From Paris with Love: Wildly over the top actioner. A guilty pleasure. Was fun, but check your brain at the door. Still, recommended.



Watched it a couple of nights ago and IMHO John Travolta was doing a spoof of Bruce Willis, the wife thought it was a comedy.


As you said tallie, for 78 minutes of unadulterated entertainment without needing to put ones brain into gear its well worth a look see.


Not a movie I would pay to see / purchase (even cheap pirate Thai DVD's) but OK for a free download!

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My diversion last night, during a rainstorm:


An excellent drama/mystery film, made in Spain.


Available on Demonoid and elsewhere:

The Secret in their Eyes.2009. (DVDRip.XviD.AC3-ViSiON) [el secreto de sus ojos]


Subtitles: The.Secret.In.Their.Eyes.2009.DVDRip.XviD.AC3-ViSiON.srt

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