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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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I have been watching a mixture of old and new:


"Revanche"-an ex-con and his hooker girlfriend attempt to escape a bad situation and things don't turn out as planned. A

"Before the Rain"-a portrait of the simmering ethnic and religious hatred in Macedonia. A

"Evil"-young boy finding the inner man through the turmoils of middleschool. B

"Elling"-Norwegian "Odd Couple". B

"The White Ribbon"-strange happenings in a small German village. B

"Beaufort"-an Israeli war drama about the futility of war. C+

"Days of Glory"-World War II story of a band of Algerian soldiers who fought for France. C



"Taken"-sex traffickers make the mistake of taking Liam Neeson's daughter. B

"The Damned United"-the story of Brian Clough, a great soccer manager. Soccer fan, B;otherwise C+

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"-crime drama with an original character in Lisbeth Salander. A

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Hot tub time machine - quite stupid, but quite funny at the same time. Enjoyed it.


Also saw Shutter Island last week, didn't really like the ending of that much. A bit disappointing.




Shutter Island was a great book, but a crappy movie. The ending worked int he book, not so in the flick.


Just saw the Swedish version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (with subtitles). Not bad, but they left a lot out to shorten the movie.

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The Secret of Oz


An excellent review of the world banking systems and how they have screwed the citizens!!!

They also made a connection between the "wizard of Oz" and the events in the 1890's in the USa and how the evil bankers have plotted and screwed the US citizens.

A MUST SEE!!! or be brain dead and roll over.

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I have been keeping a database on a spreadsheet of recommended films from Australia's ABC TV's regular film critique programme "At The Movies" with Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton. Well worth visiting the site for the actual transcripts of their discussions on the relative merits of a film.


Of course tastes will vary but I tend to agree with most of their picks... yes and strongly disagree with the odd one too. As always YMMV but it gives you a starting place to compare critiques on other sites such as Rotten Tomatoes and Imdb, before you view the film.


I have been keeping the database for about 6 years but selfishly deleted many that I had already seen. Then a couple of years ago decided to keep my already-seens on the database too. In other words, the database is not complete.


This is not a copy and paste job. You won't find this anywhere else on the net. They display their findings in a star system out of 5. I have translated those icons into a numerical average and sometimes incorporated an Imdb rating too.



Bright Star 4.75

There Will Be Blood 4.52

The New World 4.50

A Prairie Home Companion 4.50

The Passenger 4.50

Beautiful Kate 4.50

Up 4.50

Animal Kingdom 4.50 aus

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 4.49

Grizzly Man 4.48

Lost In Translation 4.44

Army of Shadows 4.44 french

Atonement 4.42

The Assasination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford 4.40

No Country For Old Men 4.39

Into The Wild 4.38

The Lives Of Others 4.35

Donnie Darko Director's Cut 4.33

Downfall 4.32

Mystic River 4.31

Away From Her 4.30

Mysterious Skin 4.29

This Is England 4.27

Hidden 4.25

Jindabyne 4.25 aus

Live and Become 4.25

Sketches of Frank Gehry 4.25

Ten Canoes 4.25

The Squid And The Whale 4.25

Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story 4.25

Tsotsi 4.25

The Last King of Scotland, 4.25

The Darjeeling Limited 4.25

The Diving Bell And The Butterfly 4.25

Burn After Reading 4.25

Watchmen 4.25

State Of Play 4.25

Wake In Fright 4.25

Last Ride 4.25

Inglourious Basterds 4.25

Blessed 4.25 aus

Up In The Air 4.25

Green Zone 4.25

Mic Macs 4.25 french

Robin Hood 4.25

Food Inc 4.25 US doco

I Am Love (Io Sono L'amore) 4.25 Italian

American Splendor 4.23

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind 4.20

Look Both Ways 4.17 aus

Letters from IIwo Jima 4.15

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead 4.13

Murderball 4.12

The Queen 4.10

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 4.10

Offside 4.08

Eastern Promises 4.08

In The Shadow Of The Moon 4.07

Lust, Caution 4.05

Pride and Prejudice 4.03

Gone Baby Gone 4.03

Darwin's Nightmare 4.00 doco

Friends With Money 4.00

Children of Men 4.00

The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada 4.00

Wah Wah 4.00

Flags Of Our Fathers 4.00

Little Miss Sunshine 4.00

Separate Lies 4.00

The Book of Revelation 4.00

Walk 4.00

Water 4.00

Venus 4.00

Notes On A Scandal 4.00

Hot Fuzz 4.00

Reign Over Me 4.00

Sunshine 4.00

Sicko 4.00

Black Book 4.00

Shut Up & Sing 4.00

Deep Water 4.00

Control 4.00

Enchanted 4.00

Flight Of The Red Balloon 4.00 french

Shine A Light 4.00 doco

Un Secret 4.00 french

The Savages 4.00

Standard Operating Procedure 4.00 doc

Stop Loss 4.00

The Dark Knight 4.00

The Visitor 4.00

Waltz With Bashir 4.00

Lemon Tree 4.00 israeli

American Teen 4.00 doco

Frozen River 4.00

Elegy 4.00

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas 4.00

Star Trek 4.00

Katyn 4.00

Disgrace 4.00

Coraline 4.00

Accident 4.00 china

Moon 4.00

A Christmas Carol 4.00

The Road 4.00

Broken Embraces 4.00

Bran Nue Dae 4.00

The Hurt Locker 4.00

Brothers 4.00

Welcome 4.00 french

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 4.00 swedish

Love Lust & Lies 4.00 aus doco

City Island 4.00

Toy Story 3 4.00

Soul Kitchen 3.98 german

Fateless 3.98 hungarian

The Return 3.98

The Corporation 3.97

Iron Man 3.97

Vera Drake 3.96

Broadway: The Golden Age 3.96

A Mighty Heart 3.96

Little Fish 3.95

The Man Who Wasn't There 3.95

The Road to Guantanamo 3.95

Zelary 3.94

American Gangster 3.93

The Weeping Camel 3.93

Neil Young: Heart of Gold 3.92

Half Nelson 3.92

Death At A Funeral 3.91

Travellers & Magicians 3.91

InThe Bedroom 3.88 m

catch a fire 3.86

Just like Heaven 3.85

Ae Fond Kiss 3.84

The Painted Veil 3.82

The Edukators 3.81

Mickybo and Me 3.80

Michael Clayton 3.79

the prestige 3.78

City of God 3.78

Dreamgirls 3.77

Bobby 3.77

Match Point 3.75

Transamerica 3.75

Bhorat 3.75

Junebug 3.75

Oliver Twist 3.75

The Libertine 3.75

The Wind That Shakes The Barley 3.75

Casino Royale 3.75

Thank You For Smoking 3.75

3 Iron 3.75 Korean

Brothers 3.75

Colour Me Kubrick 3.75

Factotum 3.75

Hustle & Flow 3.75

Kokoda 3.75

Shopgirl 3.75

Shortbus 3.75

Solo 3.75

The Manual of Love 3.75

Thumbsucker 3.75

A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints 3.75

Death Of A President 3.75

Bubble 3.75

Shooter 3.75

The Dead Girl 3.75

Mr. Brooks 3.75

Fracture 3.75

The Simpsons Movie 3.75

Hairspray 3.75

Red Road 3.75

The Real Dirt On Farmer John 3.75 doc

Meet Dave 3.75

Married Life 3.75

The Bank Job 3.75

The Duchess 3.75

Corpse of a Bride 3.75

Easy Virtue 3.75

Knowing 3.75

The Baader-Meinhof Complex 3.75

My Year Without Sex 3.75

Adventureland 3.75

District 9 3.75

The Young Victoria 3.75

An Education 3.75

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 3.75

The Brothers Bloom 3.75

The Boys Are Back 3.75

Where The Wilds Things Are 3.75

Precious 3.75

Alice in Wonderland 3.75

The Last Station 3.75

The Burning Plain 3.75

The Secret in Their Eyes 3.75 spanish

Mademoiselle Chambon 3.75 french

Rocket Science 3.75

Mother and Child 3.75

Rescue Dawn 3.73

Secrets and Lies 3.72

In My Father's Den 3.69

21 grams 3.69 walter can get

DIG 3.69 doc

Millions 3.66

Once 3.63

Dirty Pretty Things 3.61 walter can get

The Door in the Floor 3.60

Dan In Real Life 3.58

Old Joy 3.57

Being Julia 3.56

Saved 3.54

My Flesh and Blood 3.53

The Mother 3.52

V For Vendetta 3.50

Inside Man 3.50

Monster House 3.50

Mrs Henderson Presents 3.50

The Ax 3.50

The Devil Wears Prada 3.50

Brick 3.50

Candy 3.50

Happy Endings 3.50

Hard Candy 3.50

Sophie Scholl - The Final Days 3.50

The Chumscrubber 3.50

Where The Truth Lies 3.50

Rampage guess score 3.50

Stranger Than Fiction guess score 3.50

Babel 3.50

Man Of The Year 3.50

The Good Shepherd 3.50

The Good German 3.50

Copying Beethoven 3.50

Infamous 3.50

In The Land Of Women 3.50

Stardust 3.50

The War On Democracy 3.50 doc

Waitress 3.50

Rendition 3.50

Leatherheads 3.50

Happy-Go-Lucky 3.50

Traitor 3.50

Tenderness 3.50

Black Dahlia 3.50

Avatar 3.50

The Hangover 3.50

Cheri 3.50

Charlie & Boots 3.50

Capitalism: A Love Story 3.50

2012 3.50

Genova 3.50

Amelia 3.50

Nowhere Boy (Lennon) 3.50

Crazy Heart 3.50

The Men Who Stare at Goats 3.50

Nanny McPhee & The Big Bang 3.50

The Eclipse 3.50

Amos Oz: The Nature Of Dreams 3.50

Iron Man 2 3.50

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism 3.50

The Departed 3.49


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