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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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Jay-sus, like I'm gonna read that long list.


"About Last Night", with the second best* opening dialog *ever* (ad libbed, I think) in a movie...

"That's these young broads Danny...they don't know what they want." :rotl::rotl::rotl::rotl:


* 1st being the Reservoir Dogs Madonna spiel...

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>>Jay-sus, like I'm gonna read that long list.




No need for sarcasm. I was just trying to be helpful.


The internet is full of such "recommended by experts" lists. This one you won't find anywhere else on the net apart from thai360.


I believe the Academy Awards work on the same premise.


My time is limited. I use such lists to help me begin my search for good viewing material. Makes sense to me.


Notice the list is in descending order.


I suggest that if you're looking for a good film, search in the first 20 only.



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Just watched "Youth in Revolt" last night. Humorous and quirky coming of age movie. Has Steve Buscemi- I don't think I've ever seen a movie with him in it where he hasn't added some flavor. Ray Liotta makes a minor reappearance as a scummy cop. Justin Long (when you see his face, you'll remember "Oh, that guy"), who produces some peyote and doses a number of people with some funny results (Fred Willard stoned out of his face, lying on the floor, looking much like David Hasselhof in that vid his daughter shot where he was dead drunk on the floor, trying to eat a Burger King hamburger while she belittled him) and a number of other faces that you'll recognize.


Regarding lists, I certainly use an assortment to help narrow what I'm going to DL.You don't HAVE to do the whole damn list!

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>>You don't HAVE to do the whole damn list!

... I didn't! I made the cut off point 3.5 out of 5 (could've taken it down to 0.5 for the rubbish), because I noticed some good films down to that level. I thought that was the idea of the thread.. to help people find good films to view.


What is it with some people on this board? Someone does something useful for you, and you just get abused for it. Are people incapable of scrolling or reading more than 20 lines? Here's a list that you won't find anywhere else on the net from 2 professional film critics and sometimes others averaged in, with their star ratings painstakingly translated by me into a numerical spreadsheet so that you can sort in descending order. It wasn't a copy and paste job. I couldn't redirect you with a link. I use it myself and one or two other friends I have passed it onto appreciate it. Just thought I'd share it with board members too. Seems like a big mistake. You'd rather read an entire thread to glean one or two picks. :dunno:


How about following these reply guidelines, and perhaps we'd have a healthier more active board without scaring off newbies with negativity.


Either, or...


1. Positive feedback

2. Polite, constructive criticism

3. Joke, smileys to show comments are tongue in cheek

4. Say nothing!





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What did you think? Saw it at a screening here and had no idea it was actually Morrison in the opening and ending clip. That was fucking weird in a surreal way. The narrator they used in that film excerpt, 'uncle' Joe Benson, is still a late night DJ on LA Radio.


Not a Doors fanatic but appreciate their contribution, I liked the film. Not 'great,' but definitely worth a watch.

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