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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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>>You don't HAVE to do the whole damn list!

... I didn't! I made the cut off point 3.5 out of 5 (could've taken it down to 0.5 for the rubbish), because I noticed some good films down to that level. I thought that was the idea of the thread.. to help people find good films to view.



I liked your list. Actually have 'Waltz with Bashir' sitting here waiting to be viewed, prolly this weekend.


I cut out a few I would've put at the very top -- we'll have to disagree over your ratings:



Mystic River 4.31

The Squid And The Whale 4.25

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead 4.13

Murderball 4.12

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 4.10

The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada 4.00

The Lives Of Others 4.35

Donnie Darko Director's Cut 4.33

No Country For Old Men 4.39

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 4.49

Grizzly Man 4.48

The Three Burials Of Melquiades Estrada 4.00




I don't like Jim Carrey and was surprised at how good Eternal Sunshine was. Same with Grizzly Man, it just kinda seeped in for a few days as I tried to figure out what it meant. Was also surprised at how good Matt Dillon was able to carry off a 'Bukowski.'


But dude:


Iron Man?

Lost in Translation



These three were all over-rated IMHO.


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Thanks, Dave. Glad you found the list useful. It will soon slip off this page anyway for those who don't like it.


The ratings are not mine. They belong to the 2 ABC (Australia) film critics.

I simply translated the icon system they use on their site eg.

Maragaret Pomeranz :up::up::up::up:

David Stratton :up::up::up:


= (4+3)/2 = 3.5 average


so that I could put the figures in an Excel spreadsheet and sort from best to worst. You can't manipulate the original icons mathematically.


I just use it as a rough guideline to begin my search for worthwhile viewing. I don't agree with all their ratings either. I just included them as is ... warts and all.


I look at what they think are the best, follow the links to their detailed reviews at At The Movies, and then compare reviews at other sites too such as Imdb and Rotten Tomatoes.


I enjoyed Grizzly Man as a psychological insight into the mind of a loser, who fantasized that he had become a winner.. {Spoiler ahead]..



... until he got eaten!




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Just saw the losers. It's a B-film actioner. Story is ridiculous with a kind of Bondlike adversary who wants to control the world. Acting was under par, and that made that several great one-liners got lost in the delivery.


Favourite one liner in the movie:


"It's like handing a gun to a 6-year old. You never know how it's gonna end, but you're pretty sure it's gonna make the papers!"

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Re. the Aussie film review site At The Movies I recommended and have been categorizing mathematically for the last 4 -5 years...since I last updated it 2 weeks ago, it has become far more interactive and user friendly.


Coincidence?.. maybe the bots have been at work picking up info from thai360?


You can now access all the 5 star, 4.5 star etc in one hit with links to the full transcript reviews.


Soongmak, "The Losers" scored 2 out of 5. One of the reviewers David only gave it 0.5 out of 5. So he obviously agrees with you.


Apologies to LizardKIng and Khun Kong. If this innovation had happened two weeks ago, we wouldn't have had our minor altercation re lengthy posts.


My 5 years work is down the shit shoot, but at least its now easier to quickly compare At The Movie reviews with other sites.



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Just showed "Paradise Island" (เà¸Âาะสวาท หาà¸â€Ã Â¸ÂªÃ Â¸Â§Ã Â¸Â£Ã Â¸Â£Ã Â¸â€žÃ Â¹Å’), a 1969 classic Thai film, at the language program where I teach in the US.


Really enjoyable film; like all successful films of its era, it's got everything to keep the discerning Thai audience happy with paying whatever they paid in those days (no more than 20 baht, I'm guessing!): 2.5 hour running time, fights, lots of comedy, romance, a song every few minutes, exotic locale (Koh Samui waaaaay before it was a tourist destination), and legendary leading man Sombath Methanee at the height of his buff, smirky playboy era.


Interesting, too, for all of those (farang and Thai alike) who bitch about how "the whole world just associates Thailand with P4P, and it's all the farangs' fault, blah blah...": there is not a farang to be seen in this movie, yet there are TONS of bar girl and P4P references, as there should be in a movie about a Thai millionaire playboy (or a Thai moto-sai-driving "playboy," for that matter, haha!)


Also, this movie was "pre-code;" none of the restrictions against showing breasts and other body parts existed that trouble Thai cinema nowadays. Highly recommended. Plus, the women look SO much better (to my tastes, anyway) than what passes for "sexy" in Thai movies today: tall, big natural tits, big asses, brown skin, oh yeah!!


Available for sale only through the Thai Film Foundation, who do great work (transferring classic films to DVD and subtitling them in English), and deserve support:



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