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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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>>You don't HAVE to do the whole damn list!

... I didn't! I made the cut off point 3.5 out of 5 (could've taken it down to 0.5 for the rubbish), because I noticed some good films down to that level. I thought that was the idea of the thread.. to help people find good films to view.


What is it with some people on this board? Someone does something useful for you, and you just get abused for it. Are people incapable of scrolling or reading more than 20 lines? Here's a list that you won't find anywhere else on...



BTW- my comment regarding "you don't have to do the whole damn list" was directed at LK, not you.


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Whiskey Galore

black & white movie

Great movie! ****

Small Scottish island in the 1940's runs out of whiskey. A ship carrying 50,000 cases of whiskey runs aground off the island...

Have to give it a close listen as they often speak fast and with a bit of an accent.

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What's Up Tiger Lily


Woody Allen (who I am not a fan of) took this 1960-ish Japanese James Bond movie, stripped out all the audio and wrote an audio scrip.

Quite funny.


The "James Bond" actor (Japanese) has a lovely lady in his room, she is wrapped in a towel (only).

She says, "name me three presidents".

He walks over to her and says, "Roosevelt, McKinley", then unwraps the towel and glances down and says, "Lincoln".

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Ya know, Alba isn't much of an actress but damn she is nice to look at.


And yeah, Sin City was a Robert Rodriguez thing and him/Tarantino are BFF. So Tarantino's influence and participation is throughout.


Plus, you forgot fucking Clive Owen. Croupier anyone?


(Hint: If you haven't seen Croupier, it's a beautiful thing....)







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Just saw Winter's Bone.


17 y/o Ozarks girl from an extended community of poverty and meth dealers searches for her father, who put up their home for bail then skipped -- meaning her and the two young siblings she cares for will be turned out.


There are few 'good guys' other than the girl, but there are heroics in surprising places. Meanwhile she has to cut through a thick wall of characters who live by a very different code than mainstream society -- to discover the truth.


Best movie I've seen this year in a theater. Will watch again.




Anyone found a torrent of this movie that actually works? I d'load about ten of them and all were fakes....grrrrrr.

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"A Mighty Wind", from 2003.


Can't believe I never saw it before. It's from the same people who brought you 'Spinal Tap' and 'Best in Show.' Mostly improvisational acting and, subtly, hilarious. Like Spinal Tap, funny original music. Different genre, folk music.




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