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What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?


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You've got it, Cav. Hollywood is Hollywood. Johnny Depp's ancestry has been traced quite a ways. No Indians in the family, but an African American way back.


I heard stories about Cherokees in my ancestry too, but I haven't found a one, and I've traced all lines back to at least 1700. Claiming to be part Cherokee is common in the American South. Closest thing I've find in my family are 3 ancestors killed by Indians, including a young married couple whose only child somehow managed to survive.


Johnny Cash used to claim to be 1/8th Cherokee. He later admitted it wasn't true, just something he said when he was first starting out. Popular thing to do. I had a Cherokee friend from Oklahoma when I was an undergrad.. He told me Cherokees used to laugh at all the claims, saying the Cherokees must have been the largest tribe in America.


Maybe Johnny Depp can play Charlie Chan next. :)

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Behind the Candelabra


The story of Liberace's final years (decade).


3 1/2 *'s


This "guy" was most popular in the USA in the 60's, 70's, etc.

Had his own TV show.


It was a "family night" viewing show. I was quite young (8 ~ 10) and enjoyed the music and

would just think the guy was weird with the "flaming" apparel he would wear.


Was amazed to find out the huge $$$ that he was paid over the years! The "guy" could play the piano!!


Michael Douglas worked at the acting but his voice was quite the same.


I noticed that some Thai's would woo and ahhh at all the gold jewelry and cars! It was more fun to watch them then the movie!!

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I watched the Counselor on a plane and had to keep looking around at the start in the munching scene thinking that fellow passengers would think I was watching a porno. After watching I had to think long and hard whether I should give it a 0/10 or a 10/10. I reckon it gets top marks. Unconventional film but it makes you think and had some amazing dialogue. The guy describing Diaz fucking his car windscreen and comparing her pussy to a catfish's mouth moving up the glass of a fish tank was classic.

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