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Renewing a ATM card


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GIven the recent thread on ATM cards I thought I'd add what happened after this morning.


Went to bed about 3.30 am as I had to work till then (URGH)


Woke up at 7am to continue working with painful people - or so I thought until I went to the bank at 9 am to get a new ATM card.


ATM cards don't last forever and have a automatic expiry date 5 years after issued (This is a Visa Electron from Ayudhya Bank by the way)


So - after my wife who got her card same time as me went to the local branch (not our registered branch) she got a new card.


I did the same - NO NO Farang must go to the original bank.


Did I say URGH!


So I go there with my drivers license but they want my Passport - fair enough - AND they want my work permit.




Thankfully I am allowed to call the office and these are faxed through.


Once that was done it was quick and painless - in fact the "issuing" part is easier than in Australia - the traipsing back to the original branch was a pain in the butt plus the additional paper work required for farang.





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Must be unique to Ayudhya Bank.


K-Bank Visa Electron Card expires after 3 years, my account was opened in Sri Racha with the company I was working for at the time and had no problems getting a new card from Rama III Branch with just my passport.


Also replaced BKK Bank Card at Emporium branch which was not my original branch. I must have an honest face :neener:

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Maybe Ayudhaya bank - oddly they are very easy to work with once they get the documents they want. Going back to original branch was a pain.


Very easy to get credit card etc.


But the card lasts longer ;)

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Also using K-Bank and lost my credit and debit card several times. Just need Thai driving license or passport AND bankbook to get a new card within minutes for 100 THB at any branch. Very convenient as long you have your bankbook.


If you lose the latter than it becomes more complicated. You need a police report and have to go to the issuing branch to apply for a new bankbook before you can a new card.

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Just checked my latest K-Bank Electron Card expires Dec 2013 so I got 5 years on this one!


I got 5 years when I renewed mine as well. My Siam Commercial bank card is valid for 10 years.

Both cards renewed with no problems at branches no where near my original branch.


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what do you mean easier than OZ/west?


where I come from or have bank experiences I don't even live in the countries any more, but should a atm/debit/credit card etc expire well a new one will be in the mail before the cut off date as long as keeping once registered address up to date, which can be a pain of course :cover::rolleyes:


so yes in LOS the required 'paper work' can be a pain & 'home branch' system or even 'ancient bank book system', but once 'stamped' cards are issued on the spot & 'worldclass' transactions are possible by atm etc.


by the way any one got experience with k-banks 'e-saving' aka a 'regular savings account' only it no longer require a bank book, but all can be done electronically (the conversion is simply available via a few presses on the atm)?

well the other day I mistakenly tried to deposit a few grand in branch & the poor teller tried to update the passbook & when he couldn't (clearly due to me having converted to 'esaving' the end result was a new bank book issues on the spot updated with full transactions! WTF? I guess what he should have done was politely to tell me to deposit via the maschine ONLY, but maybe it was easier the other than trying out his rusty or non existing english with me LOL :beer:

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