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Sportsman's Pub


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Here's a odd one: a new bar in Washington Square. Especially given that no one still knows 100% the life expectancy of the place. Ignorance is bliss, or do they know something others don't? They certainly spent some money on it.


Who cares.


This is located in the ground floor of the old Washington Theatre, later the Mambo Cabaret (now also gone). You pull into the entrance to the Square from Sukhumvit and this bar is right in your face. Good location, tho' the signage is poor. Old hands may remember it as Studio 22.


It's huge (bigger than the old Studio). I reckon 5-6 shophouses of space. Inside is a nice bar with the usual suspects on tap plus a cider and Tetley's Bitter (that makes me happy!). Also, there are seven pool tables, each set up so no interference/short-stick shots are required. Lovely.


There are half a dozen 42" LCD TVs with various sports playing, plus a 10' wide projection screen.


Also a good sized dance floor and a place for a band.


There are probably a dozen plus staff on hand, very subtle and unobtrusive, average looks the lot. I do not think any are available for a barfine (but of course you can always get phone numbers). This is a normal-type place. You can certainly tip them and buy them drinks for services rendered tho' (pool racking, etc).


Price-wise, an OK value. Bottle of Black with unlimited mixers for the life of the bottle, B2k. Black-so' B120. Ladies drink B100 (the gal gets B50 of it). Pool the usual B20.


Crowd is similar to the old Studio 22 as well ('cept older). Singles and couples into playing pool and socializing without the distraction of working girls. Similar to Flyers at the corner of Suk & 22.


They've been open a week. Looks good so far, but IMHO they need to add dart boards, pinball or video games would also be cool, use that band site/dance floor for a band (but temper the volume), more decor in the pub (it's pretty bare), more signage out front (looks closed even when it is open), and maybe think about getting a finger food menu (or an alliance with a nearby resto).


Full disclosure: one of the owners is the fiancée of one of Ms Vampy's best friends. Still, the review is fair. We'll be back for sure. And not just because it's her friends place (moreso because of the lack of hookers).


Out on a date? Just tired of silly whores trying to suck your wallet dry and just want to play pool with a friendly crowd? Give it a go. Maybe see ya there.




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2 K for a bottle of black is above average. Most run of the mill bars are 15K to 18K.Renoir soi 33 is still 1800.


Re the sportsman great place to watch footy with the boys but other than that is boring as hell. Try "Top Secret" off soi 20. Go down soi 20 1st sub soi right. Some nice girls beers cold run by a oil guy called dave very nice bloke.

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