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Hustlers - Pool Bar in Times Square Building


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I stumbled into Hustlers after a meal at the Korean restaurant Arirang. Btw, Arirang is a very authentic korean restaurant in the korean plaza suk soi 12. I just picked the first restaurant in that complex and was really happy with the quality of the panchan (included dried anchovy, lotus root, oyster mushroom, several types of kimchi) and their nearly smokeless charcoal based grilling system. The kimchi, sauces, miso stew, bbq all tasted authentic.


Anyway, about Hustlers. It is in the basement of the the Times Square Building between suk soi 12 and 14. The place looks very new with very excellent condition brunswick tables and cues. No bargirls and the place feels a bit more upscale than places like Players or Flyers. They had a happy hour going where beers and gin/tonics were half off. So, we ended up having a couple 55 baht gin/tonics.


Hey, I found a picture of the place here.



One of the tables was reserved for a guy I've met around named Jelly Baby. He's a professional player and trick shot specialist. He will give anyone a 4 shot spot on the break as long as the wager is 1000 baht and up. For the ladies, he will give a 50 shot spot. lol. I've played him straight up elsewhere and after buying him drinks all night, I know better than to take the 4 shot spot.


If you like to shoot pool, give this place a shot.

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This used to be a Ball in Hand until they had the fire. Went there last night about 10:00 or so to shoot a few games with a girl that likes to play. Was busy with only one table open. Very nice tables and balls. We stayed for one game and one beer and left. It is a hard core pool hall and not a place to go for just a fun game like you can do at Bullyâ??s.





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Sorry to bring up an old thread....I just ran across this and found it interesting.


"This used to be a Ball in Hand until they had the fire"


Didn't Morning/Night 2, or whatever the hell it was called, near soi 1 have a fire before it went out of business? Same owners, right?? Hmmmmm.

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