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The teacher and the ladies - Part 1


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Phailin Sayaporn was the 21 years old daughter of a man of high influence in Thai politics and business. An only child, she was somewhat a spoiled kid in the sense that she had everything that most Thai people could only dream to ever get in their lives: a fancy car, expensive branded clothes filling half a dozen closets, a weekly session at a top-rank beauty salon, the last model of 3G mobile phone, you name it. However, Phailin was not the typical bad-mannered and arrogant â??hi-soâ? spoiled kid that would look down at the rest of the world; she was just out of touch, albeit kind-hearted and open-minded.


Phailin was not what you would call a bright girl: her happy life of little rich girl had made her superficial; nonetheless she managed to make it to university with average academic performances. However, her father who wanted the best possible future for his daughter decided that it would be better to send her to study abroad, with the idea that the prestige of an American or British diploma would balance her modest intellectual skills. But for that, she needed to improve her English drastically so Phailinâ??s Dad looked to hire a skilled teacher for private lessons. One of his friends that owned an English language institute recommended a guy called Dan: â??A really bright guy, he basically does teaching miracles. I must warn you, though, he is a little bit weird and I believe he is perhaps inclined to get drunk in his free timeâ?¦ but heâ??s the most serious professional and we never had any problems with him.â?Â


When Phailinâ??s father interviewed Dan, he could see what his friend meant. Dan was the kind of guy hardened by a tough personal history, some family or sentimental drama, probably. That wasnâ??t Khun Sayapornâ??s business anyway, and the guy made a quite good general first impression. Dan was hired on the spot without any bargaining on his fees. Regretting not to have quoted higher, Dan was hopeless at ever becoming business-savvy.


As soon as the deal was sealed, Khun Sayaporn called his daughter to introduce teacher and pupil. When Phailin came in her Dadâ??s private office-room, a massive adrenaline-rush spread in Danâ??s blood: the creature that just made her entrance was beautiful beyond any description. Phailin was not just extremely attractive: there was something incredibly seducing in her way of being, her walk, her smile, her soft voice and the natural elegance of her moves. On top of that, she was dressed with outstanding taste, her dress carefully chosen to enhance the features of her perfect body. Despite having seen dozens of Thai stunning beauties, Dan could hardly believe his eyes.


Phailin greeted him with a respectful wai, slightly bowing her head: â??Sawatdee Kaaâ?Â. â??Sawatdee Khrapâ?Â, Dan gibbered, reciprocating with an awkward wai. Khun Sayaporn talked to his daughter in Thai: â??Phailin, meet Khun Dan, he will be your private teacher to help improve your English as we agreed. I believe the both of you will do some great work together.â? Phailin smiled wide and then shyly attempted an â??I am vely nite to meet you, Sir!â? â??Oh, that is incorrect Phailin.â? Dan explained in Thai, â??You should say either â??I am very pleased to meet youâ? or just â??Nice to meet youâ? without â??I amâ?Â. Anyhow, Iâ??m delighted to meet you too, Khun Phailin.â?Â




Back to his small apartment, Danâ??s first priority was to pour a generous swig of Red from a half-emptied bottle, vaguely hoping it would offset the persisting vision of Khun Phailin imprinted in his mind. He hated that she did such effect on him; he despised himself to be so easily impressed by a womanâ??s looks. Contrarily to the expected result, the whisky transformed his tormented emotions into a furious sexual desire.


Luckily it was Wednesday night, Tingâ??s night. Dan first met Ting at her workplace, a famous Bangkok massage parlor. After going from a cold-hearted greedy bargirl to another, discovering Ting was a blessing to him. She was quite pretty and witty; she would not knock him out with endless babbling or try to lure him with some typical bargirlâ??s bullshit. Her sexual skills were fairly above average and her gentleness was such that it was quite hard not to want her again. Dan didnâ??t resist it and came back several times at the massage parlor until the two of them found an arrangement for a weekly private session.


Ting liked Dan a lot and soon considered him as a friend, not a mere customer; it wasnâ??t hard for her to figure out that he was on a tight budget, so, one day, she told him he shouldnâ??t waste his money paying the massage parlor, she would come to his place and he would pay her what he could when he could. She knew he wouldnâ??t abuse of that favor and anyway he was helping her greatly at improving her English: Dan couldnâ??t help the professional reflex of correcting her mistakes and trying to improve her syntax and vocabulary.


Ting knew what she wanted, though: for her, Dan was not husband-material, even though she often had to resist the urge to say she loved him. What Ting wanted was to marry a man that would provide material security; feelings and emotions were not on her priority list. Being a massage parlor girl, she knew she had little chance to find a Thai man fitting the profile and willing to accept her past as a sex-worker, so she focused her quest on farang men, hence her interest to enjoy a free (and unconscious) English course with a professional like Dan. At 26 years old, Ting felt under pressure to find that providential husband. Not that she was poor: she was doing quite well with her controversial job, but she knew it wouldnâ??t last forever. Although she worked hard and spent substantial money to stay fit and attractive, her value could only decrease as she was heading to her thirties; younger new girls were coming massively, giving a tough competition.


As Dan showed her in the apartment, Ting saw the whisky and asked â??Why you drink tonight? You never drink when I come here. If you drink too much, not good for boom-boom!â? She giggled. Dan laughed too: â??Letâ??s say Iâ??m celebrating, I found a very rich customer for private English lessons. Itâ??s going to ease my fucked-up financesâ?¦â? he explained. â??Yeah? Good news, right? So I want a drink too! Itâ??s not good you drink alone!â? she stated. â??Oh? I didnâ??t know you drink?â? said Dan, a little bit surprised. â??Only sometimes!â? she answered.


Ting asked Dan who was the rich person that hired him; he told her. â??Ooooh!! I know, I know!â? she exclaimed. â??Well, Mr. Sayaporn is famous in town.â? Dan nodded. â??Yes, yes, but I know the girl, Phailin, she goes same fitness center as me! She very very beautiful, right?â? Phailin grinned. Dan tried to change the topic: â??Same fitness center, huh? I bet a girl like that wouldnâ??t go to any fitness center, must be a top-class and expensive one, how come you can spend that much?â? Ting giggled and explained that the manager of that SPA and fitness center was her relative. That man paid for her membership, in exchange of some services: every now and then a customer asked him if there was a way to get a â??specialâ? with the masseuses, but it was a big no-no in the company policies: it was absolutely forbidden for the staff to engage in such activities (and anyway the concerned employees were not the kind to go for it). Tingâ??s uncle, the manager, figured out a way to satisfy that particular demand, with the tacit blessing of the owners. He would use a few freelancers that could do a decent massage and would agree to perform the â??extra-servicesâ?Â. Knowing his niece was in the business, he proposed her the deal and also asked her to find a few other girls. Needless to say, the uncle asked for a cut on the â??service feesâ?Ââ?¦


â??Now, why you no answer me? Phailin is very beautiful, yes or no?â? insisted Ting. â??Well yeah, I guess we can say thatâ?¦â? admitted Dan. â??You like her, no?â? Ting asked perfidiously. â??Sheâ??s just my student, Ting. Iâ??m a serious guy; I donâ??t mess around with students.â? Ting grinned; she was a little bit tipsy, not really used to drink alcohol. She came to sit on Danâ??s lap and whispered in his ear: â??You donâ??t want to say. Mai pen rai. I know you want boom-boom Phailin.â? In the meantime her hand was wandering on Danâ??s crotch. The stiffening bulge she felt underneath his pants confirmed her intuition. She naughtily rubbed on it, making it grow in size and stiffness. She licked his lips like she loved to do; she was highly aroused by the combination of Danâ??s presence, the drink and the mental picture of the very polite and divinely attractive Phailin doing what Ting was doing now: surreptitiously unzipping Danâ??s pants and taking his manhood in her soft hand, stroking it and feeling it throbbing on her palm. Ting went down on her knees and, teasingly, walked her pointy tongue along Danâ??s shaft. She looked in his eyes, smiled widely and plunged the erect penis deep in her mouth, letting out a soft moan.


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