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How to Buy Gold?


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how to buy gold?? for starters, situate yourself at least 5 km away from any Thai girl you have ever had anything approaching a romantic relationship with...otherwise, why not just hand over your credit card to them and let them take care of all the gold purchasing? hahahaha

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My GF got upset a little when I told her I did not tend to buy jewelry for GFs. I told her "because when they break up, the girl always sells the jewelry. So why not just take them to diner a lot?"


She admitted she sold just about all the stuff her ex's gave her!!

Worse then that...they hock the gold and pay the juice payments every month, so the 5000 baht gold that they hocked and got 1000 baht for, will cost them 10,000 baht by the time they can buy it back...farkin stupid, I told a tee rak that she would be mucho money ahead if she had no gold!!! but it fell on deaf ears...TIT

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Gold Coins


Pros: Small, easy to store and sell, and easy to sell.


Cons: Large premuims on the price as there is a certain "amount" of craftsmanship involved so paying way over the real spot price.


The price would have to rise quite abit to break even, some of the premuims. An real life example was spot price $787, Canadian Maple leaf coin price $819...So a fair spread. Might be worth owning a couple as the price will probably move much higher anyway.




Pros: Easy and cheap to own, no high costs, very liquid.


Cons: Too many to be comfortable. Lack of auditing, I m very dubious if these ETF's have alot of this gold.

They don't always track price.

Too much counterparty risk...


Solution...might be an idea to take deep out of the money put options out on the counter party as a hedge...Someone I spoke to online was holding an ETF from Lehmans but was worried about the counterparty risk...They were trading at over 30 USD at the time...I suggested taking out deep out of the money puts on Lehmans failing or at least the stock falling alot...that in itself would have been a very profitable move...




I think this is the way to go. Safe and you know you have the asset. Can be easily sold into the market


Bullionby post


I have signed up with these guys to buy some silver bars, seems like a good service.


Guernsey Mint also... The Mint


They have a good range of products and bullion bars...


IMHO, owning some physical silver and gold is the way to go...


You can also, hold emini future contracts using some leverage(or quite lot depending on how big your account is, and your margin cushion)


One emini contract gives exposure to 33.3 ounces of gold, which is like holding ober $30,000 of gold. You can role the contract over each quarter. Again there is counterparty risk in the Comex also...


All in all, buying and holding physical is the best way to go. Don't tell anyone you have it, and keep it safe...


For investors who don't have large amounts of money to buy large amounts of gold, silver is the better option IMO. I actually think it will do better than gold as inflation adjusted it is over 80% belows its highs.


Good Luck

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