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Anyone know of a Thai counselor?

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Things are still going on OK here. Her brother got in touch with her on some pretense but they are still not on good terms, which is OK with gf. Her mother called her up and said that she is sincerely sorry about the way she has treated gf in the past. She also said that she has been throwing up blood and losing a lot of weight. That turned out to be a lie. The apology was probably a lie also. The next thing would have been a need for money for her health.


The plan is for gf's daughter to move in with us at the end of the term. There is a school near Suk Soi 42 that she wants to send her daughter to. It will cost me about 40,000 baht per term (I believe) and sounds like a good investment to me. I am looking forward to the daughter moving in. We get along just fine and I enjoy having her around.


The daughter is able to protect herself from her grandmother. She does not take any of her shit. Her grandmother told her that if she didn't do as she was told to do she would have to move out of her house. The girl responded that it not her house, it was her (gf's) mother's house. Since she has no power over the girl, grandma will probably be happy to see her go when she leaves. When that happens grandma will have to start doing the dishes and keeping the house up again because the boys are certainly not going to do that.


I want to thank all of you again for your advice and support.




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