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PI...I just don't get it!


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OK, I'll apologize to the many of y'all who love the PI. But I joust don't get it. And I am sure it is just varying taste and do NOT imply that I am judging you or anyone by this rant. Not true at all, even if it seems like it. Really. That's just a writing style.


OK, as the title says, I just don't get it. I'd rank the PI as as big a shithole as rural India. and that says a LOT.


first off, personal taste for me. I do not think PI gals are very attractive (tho' some pix make them look hot). And the overdose of Catholicism is a big turnoff to me. YMMV.


I find the PI not very friendly. On the surface, everyone says hello. If you are a customer. If you just meet someone on the street, it is as cold as farangland. No smiles, not eye-contact. Cold.


And Cebu...must be the end of the Earth. I've not been to a more incompetent nor unfriendly place.


And I'll caveat this by saying that, like mainland China, once you know someone, they are great, as good as gold. but if you are out alone... this is what I am referring to.


I'll save time and just rant about tonight. having been trapped in my hotel (the Marriott, not exactly a skanky place LOL), I decided to get out and have a decent meal.


To cut Koow off at the pass, yes, I eat *anything* other than Flip food in the PI, save for a could of meals. PI food is generally shite, save for lechon, some chicken adobe and some raw fish dish I like (OH, what was that name again?). But you can't eat that every day.


After a few days of cheap mediocre reataurants, I was wanting a proper "big city steak place" meal out. And had a target in mind, that was told to me to be the best in town, not being in a hotel. Sounded good, so I went.


A bottle of red and a nice steak with European sides. Cool.


I got there (I had been before actually, when they first opened; it was good), and they presented me with a wine list 50 bottles long (didn't have this before). Long story short, I made four choices, individually of course, and much conundrum later, none were available. I finally got tired of the charade and asked what was available. Only three bottle of the fifty.


Well, that put me off of the whole place, because this was a wine list that was in a nice folder, but just printed on a laser printer. So why the fuck did they not just cross off what they did not have??? If such little care was placed here, what would the meal be like?


I left.


Nothing nearby was even interesting, so I decided I'd go 180 and go back by the hotel and just get a fast food dinner and get some paperwork done for work (AND I had a nice bottle of red in my room as a gift from the hotel), being responsible for once LOL. A Big Mac and a bottle of Chateau Neouf de Pape. LOL, but true. Sad when Mackers is better than anything else available, but true IMHO.


I get to Mackers and they tell me that: "so solly suh, no more Big Mac." WTF? Not wanting anything else (all that *was* left was fried chicken and spaghetti). Ya, at McDo's. It was "solly pah, closing in 20 minutes!"


Mother fucker!.


Back to what I had been doing for the past few days (since I had exhausted the other options in the mall already as being inedible, and had actually tried them on past trips, this being the PI and all LOL): TGI Fridays. Yeesh. Is there anything on the menu not carbs or deep-fried. No wonder Yanks are so fat.


I muddled through, trashing the bun on the burger (even tho' ordering it without, and drinking a lot of Long Island Iced Teas.


But still very unfriendly. Usually anywhere and have at least a good conversation. Not here.


As I said...PI, I just don't get it. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to fuck freelancers. Ugly ones, IMHO, but YMMV (just hang out at the Alaya Mall and you'll find them, or they'll find you LOL), but what else is there? Not interested in them. I may have grown out of the "fucking any girl anywhere cuz I can" thing. Been there, done that; but I've been in Asia for 20+ years and have fucked 1,000's of women. I don't look down on anyone for still wanting to do that, but it's not me any more.


Is there anything else to the PI? I can't see it. Outside of the cool WWII history, that is. But even that is tough now. I asked the concierge at the Marriott to make me a WWII site tour package for two days (whatever it cost) and they just couldn't figure out how to do it.


The whole bleedin' country is useless as far as I'm concerned!




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I won't defend the indefensible.


Just a couple of ideas while you're there.


Surely the hotel could arrange a Corregidor day trip for you. Or you could go see Taal Volcano (if a tour can't be arranged, just hire a taxi for the day and have him take you to Talisay, about 2 hours South, where there are always boats to take you to the volcano). Alternatively, you can go to the Taal Vista Hotel in Tagaytay and just look down on it from there.


As far as being stuck in Ayala, P. Burgos and all that aside, I used to go to Outback Steakhouse for a drink and a meal. Obviously nothing special (I don't go there in my own country), just a good place to eat at the bar and strike up a conversation if you're alone. For drinks, the Prince of Wales pub in Greenbelt is OK, though at night they can have some lousy bands.


Good luck.


Edit: Scratch the Prince of Wales - google tells me they're not there anymore (been away for a while).

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"...some raw fish dish I like (OH, what was that name again?)..."


Most likely it was a Kiliwin of some sort. It can be made with just about anything...hint, "Asho (sp) Kiliwin"=raw dog marinated...


As for the big mac...stay the fuck out of Jolly Bee! it blows beyond comprehension.


As for WWII stuff, trouble is, you are in Cebu, there might be some, but most is in Luzon, and down in Leyte. Some decent diving if you need an aqua diversion.

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I haven't been there since 91 and then that was precisely my take on the place. Mind you Ermita was still open then but not really greased and ready to kick arse. I can't possibly se any reason to go there as a tourist except maybe if one is low on cash.

I have heard many stories from Angeles but nothing suggesting that they have anything that can't be found in Thailand.



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