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PI...I just don't get it!


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I was there 20 years ago and agree ,


it was a shithole then , I lived on basic food from the market, bread, cookies , Pepsi and bananas etc,


The cafe next to where I was working smelled bad , plus I could not get into half develped baby chickens still in the egg,


I must say I have no reason to go back, too many other shit holes to visit :)


It must say something when Pinos are traveling to BKK to scam tourists !



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Guest lazyphil

its never appealed to me going to a sea country and being surrounded by churches not wats....thats put the final nail in the coffin of thoughts to go there.......been to luang prabang?....i'd like to hear a honest report of here, have plans for next year, so far only hear great things.

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Luang Prabang is a nice place to visit phil....was 6 years ago anyway. The boat trip down, or up, the river is interesting. Choice of boats. You can stretch out on the slow ones. Fast ones are cramped and noisy. The town is pretty. Some very old temples. French colonial guest houses overlooking the river, cake shops, backpackers. The locals go to bed early. No nightlife to speak of but that may have changed. If you get up early you can watch monks being followed down the street by hoards of tourists with camcorders.

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In the second part of november i plan to go to Phillipines. Can someone help me with information about that place ? I never visited that place. So, please tell me about weather there in november, hotels, food and other expenses. Also i want to try Phillipino girls so i want to know if someone had that expierence. And how is Phillipines compared to Thailand ?


p.s. i read all posts in this topic but there are very little information


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I've been to P.I. many times,,for business, but I try and mix in some pleasure. I free dive and surf,,so the place has many opportunties for ocean activities. Actually the waters off many of the islands are really clear and pristine. The food in the P.I. is pretty basic, especially when you go to the provencies. I still really enjoy the grilled fish, rice and mango,,with a nice ice cold San Miguel light,,on the beaches of Bohol..as far as the ladies,,been with several beautiful filipinas,,all in all really sensual ladies,,,,,but I have to agree,,as far as shear numbers,Thailand has most beautiful women in the world,,especially in Asia,,I travel all over, Japan, Korea, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indo,,,


Chok dee,


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Three words sum up the Philippines: "Not available, sir!"


From chicken sandwiches in KFC, to mango shakes in caranderias, almost every time I went for a meal, something that I wanted was "not available, sir".


I experienced this from Manila to Zamboanga in Mindanao, by way of Cebu. I stopped trying to order from the menu.


The local food, with a few exceptions, is overcooked crap, and the people who try to hustle you on the street are less skillful, but much more persistent (like flies) that their Thai counterparts.


Here are two exceptions:


Asia Hotel in Cebu, J. Avila St., near Fuente Osmena. Great rooms, fair prices, good Japanese restaurant. Japanese owned and run (the owner, or his wife, is there 24/7). Even got cool Japanese toilet seats, with ass sprayers!


Lola Eat's restaurant on Velez, near Pres. Osmena in Cebu. Great BBQ chicken, crispy pata (pig feet), good accompanying dishes, like acharra, etc. Extremely COLD San Mig Light.


The P4P venues are crude compared to anywhere else I've been in SEA. In Cebu, Silver Dollar reminds me of the old days in Patpong, very smoky, 3-5 girls on each guys lap. Girls were extremely trashy, in a way Thai girls almost never are.


In Manila/Makati, P.Burgos St. was pretty sterile and tame looking, although quite a few freelancers came up to deliver the hard sell. Wow Wow WOw Bar had curtained off booths in the back for in-bar BJs, and a few good lookers.


The girls seem to have no personal pride, and whine and try to guilt-trip you into spending money...


Need I say more?



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As a Cordon Bleu Chef and a twice only visitor to PI, I say that there is no good food in the country, save those live seafood places, where, if you try really, really hard, you can tell them what garlic butter is and they'll attempt it.


Having said that, I've only been to Manila and Angeles. I'll never go back to Manila save in transit, Angeles is an acquired taste, but I'd return for the girls as some are very loving.


Friends have travelled extensively in the outer Islands where there is a whole non western tourism sector, complete with resort hotels and funky cruise ships, at local prices. Islands, diving etc etc. So I would go for some of that. Some of the markets I've seen have live chickens and such, so self catering could be an option.





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