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Steve 'Air' McNair dead


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The complete story isn't known but early reports say it was a 'murder suicide' with him and a woman, some reports say an 'unidentified woman' some say his wife.

I've heard on blogs he killed her and then himself but this link said the woman killed him then herself.

Maybe soon after this post we'll learn more.


Sad to hear of it. He was not only a good quarterback but seemed a nice enough person in an age where pro football players seem to be about themselves.



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Wow, that's big (and sad) news.


I like watching NFL, and I always thought he was a pretty good quarterback.


They're now saying:

UPDATE: Darren Rovell is reporting on his twitter account that McNair was shot and killed by his wife in an apparent murder-suicide.


If that's the case, highly unusual that the wife kills the husband and then turns the gun on herself.


Usually the other way around. :(


Bring on the (next) gun-law/ownership debate too.

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Agree , very sad news indeed. Never a loud mouth or tosser. Highly respected by his peers.


" highly unusual that the wife kills the husband and then turns the gun on herself. "


Here in LA LA land , we still remember

Phil Hartman


Strange mentioning that now , same neighborhood as the Jackson family , Encino. About 2 miles from my home.


:rip: Steve M.


Bada :beer: Bing


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Report I read said he was shot multiple times including once in the head and the female which was NOT his wife had one gunshot wound to the head. I didn't have much training as a detective but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it's a murder/suicide, by early reports. I reserve the right to change my mind later once all 18 different stories have come out.

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How sad really is this? Hell, if every time a movie star, sports person or famous person does something dumb, we trigger the sad response; then one would be "sad" about every single day of the year...


If you have no control of the situation nor have a personal stake in it, it is only news (if that) and nothing else...


Rates the same as another Pattaya suicide...


We can't live others lives for them. Save emothions for things that mean something in your life...


How about that record number of hot dogs consumed?





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Let's put it in Detroit-speak. Homeboy was creepin' out on his ol' lady, pullin' booty calls with a young shortie he found. After a while, the jump-off was takin' things too serious. Stevie wanted to split, but the jump was havin' none of that. Bam-bam...psycho capped his ass.


That's the power of the booty: no matter how many it brings down, there'll be more waiting to step-up and try it on, and lose just the same.


But there is a big difference between McNair and the bunch of Republicans who are getting into the same trouble (but with less lethal endings). Steve McNair wasn't telling me how to live my life. Steve McNair was a just great athlete who I enjoyed watching play football and who played with great courage. Steve McNair also had (like all of us) some personal flaws and those flaws, more than likely, cost him his life. Steve McNair was unlucky: he picked the wrong "jump off."



SD -- McNair's not a hero, just a dude like the rest of us

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