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First Timer to Nana


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Try Lollipop, downstairs, street level, on the left. Tell him to ignore the 5 or so ladyboys dancing in there, unless he doesn't want to ignore them. IMO, better-looking girls than Spanky's...at least on my visit in October. (Spanky's was "okay", but nothing special after the spanking paddles were played out.)



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MooNoi gave you great advice.

I was taken for a ride in Angel Witch, nana plaza

and how.I was strolling the Plaza around 7pm, yes too early. I met a US citizen who introduced himself as Aaron Israel.He said he was new so I took him under my wing.He was around 20.Went to Angel Witch, empty, we cruised, back to the Witch.

I drank too much.Mamasan encouraged me to choose a girl. There was one I liked.

I paid the chitbin, bar fine, and for my new US friend's drinks.The girl took me to a short time room on the corner same level as the Witch.Paid 500Bt for the room, 1500 for the girl. Very disappointing time, maybe 40 minutes.

Usually I would have gone walkabout after my fun but being drunk I went back to my new "friend" in the Angel Witch.

The girl sat with us, uninvited, but i'm drunk, so who cares.Then I notice Aaron is drinking brandy.He claims he is broke.She is regularly given Lady Drnks, but I'm drunk, having a "good time".

After my fun with the girl I drank only two Singhas. My chitbin was 3000. A very big Thai gentleman escorted me to an ATM.

I paid my chitbin and both the girl and Aaron disappeared.

Around£200, $320, 10000 Bt.Total for the night.

This was not my first visit to Thailand or Nana.

I drank too much.

A silly old fool.

If my story is in the wrong Forum I apologise, but what else do you expect from a old codger like me.

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Whenever they sit next to me I blurt out 44! I COME FROM MY MUM ,IVE BEEN HERE 5 YEARS, I LIVE HERE !!!1


Si Si, are you a Spnaish waiter?


Maybe if you spoke to them in Thai they may understand you better, then again maybe you should learn English first.

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First off, don't stare at or smile at a girl that you don't want to come sit with you. Second don't tell anyone it is your first trip to Thailand and you just arrived.



Good advice.


Eye contact will bring any and all visitors.


Although I am not in my 20's - that is a good line. I may try this next trip. Find some punter and tell him that this is my first trip. Let him pay for all my drinks .


Maybe I'll put a new posting: How can I get others to pay for all my drinks at Nana Plaza?


Good one.

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