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First Timer to Nana


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>Maybe I'll put a new posting: How can I get others to pay for all my drinks at Nana Plaza?


First time I was at the Nana Plaza I was bringing a bird :doah: we ran into a young aussie chap who was in a severe party mood. Very nice guy.


As it turned out his father owned the bar and another one too in the same complex.

Now the young lad was for some reason which I don`t recall seriously pissed off with his dad and explained that he had spent the better part of the last several months to work up a bar bill as high as possible just to piss his old man off.


My money wasn`t good enough. For every round we bought, the Dek Serf would bring a bill which he just signed.


After downing a ridiculous amount of drinks we arranged to meet the following day.


Unfortunately, this escapade took a heavy toll on me and I wasn`t fit to do a second round the following day.


Sorry mate!


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