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First Timer to Nana


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MooNoi gave you great advice.


I was taken for a ride in Angel Witch, nana plaza


and how.I was strolling the Plaza around 7pm, yes too early. I met a US citizen who introduced himself as Aaron Israel.He said he was new so I took him under my wing.He was around 20.Went to Angel Witch, empty, we cruised, back to the Witch.


I drank too much.Mamasan encouraged me to choose a girl. There was one I liked.


I paid the chitbin, bar fine, and for my new US friend's drinks.The girl took me to a short time room on the corner same level as the Witch.Paid 500Bt for the room, 1500 for the girl. Very disappointing time, maybe 40 minutes.


Usually I would have gone walkabout after my fun but being drunk I went back to my new "friend" in the Angel Witch.


The girl sat with us, uninvited, but i'm drunk, so who cares.Then I notice Aaron is drinking brandy.He claims he is broke.She is regularly given Lady Drnks, but I'm drunk, having a "good time".


After my fun with the girl I drank only two Singhas. My chitbin was 3000. A very big Thai gentleman escorted me to an ATM.


I paid my chitbin and both the girl and Aaron disappeared.


Around£200, $320, 10000 Bt.Total for the night.


This was not my first visit to Thailand or Nana.


I drank too much.


A silly old fool.


If my story is in the wrong Forum I apologise, but what else do you expect from a old codger like me.


Just noticed this.Glad I'm not alone. (See my recent Trip Report.) Drink is clearly involved in all our falls from grace. Never mind.


jack :help:

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Just noticed this.Glad I'm not alone. (See my recent Trip Report.) Drink is clearly involved in all our falls from grace. Never mind.


jack :help:


Just get back on the horse, Jack - everything here is just pixels being rendered by the LCD screen you rely on for the important stuff : porn.


We talk a lot about the 'dirty little whores' at Nana, but most of them are surprisingly repressed when it comes to living out my fantasies - only one girl from the 4 I had in my room in 2008 ate pussy like she actually enjoyed it : I'd hardly call that an outrageous request. You and I can find Japanese gals online who will do any freakin thing you care to name, including a few that even I find disgusting (scat - 'nuff said - and certain bondage practices that mark their alabaster skin) : there is a dark side to the Japanese people that I dont think any of us will ever fully understand. I know they are getting a wheelbarrow full of cash, but I'm sure they could get that without having to have their rectums surgically rebuilt ...


But I digress - Nana is a filthy shithole that should be bulldozed immediately, and the girls consigned to a Buddhist temple to ponder on the error of their ways. That would still leave the cesspit extending from Soi 3 to Soi 7/1, so perhaps its safer to just nuke the area from orbit. In future, I will only have sex with Hi-So whores from upmarket clubs where the drinks cost more than many Thais make in a month - its what Jesus would do.

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