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bit of advance needed from the older ,wiser:)

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I wonder if the people who applaud a farang for "living in the moment" are the same ones who think when a BG does it, she is just a lazy, stupid whore. A farang spends on girls/booze and the BG spends it on cell phones/booze. What's the difference?


The scores of punters who take the swan dive off pattaya rooftops are all likely to be the ones who lived for the moment and found themselves in dire straits when they hit one bump too many.


But perhaps the most important issue is loneliness. When ur young and good looking, it is easy to find a companion. When you get older, you unfortunately have to pay for it. Or the cheapest option which is to become a crusty, bitter old fart that's convinced himself that being alone is the ultimate freedom. But what's the total cost of switching off that part of your humanity?


And OH, I agree with you mostly on marriage and would never do it myself. However, there is a difference between saying a marriage has no benefit to men should it end in divorce and saying marriage has no benefits to men period. In addition to tax and estate planning benefits, there is always the bit about lifelong companion that some guys get off on.




Ok, it is a slow day, I'll bite on this to stir things up a bit...


I'd say the main difference between a "live in the moment farang (LTMF)" and a Thai whore (TW) would be that most likely, the farang guy did something with his life, or in his life to get to the point that he can live in the moment...that is, he had a job and a career, maybe saved and invested wisely in the past, and can now basically fuck off on the fruits of his labor, where as most whores have done none of that. The LTMF may be aware of the consequences of his actions, and not care, where as the whore most likely has not though it through, or thought at all.


Mainly, I doubt most "LTMF" are really that. Most are guys who worked and saved, and got to a point in life where they can kick back a lot more, and not sweat the small shit. Others are of course totally irresponsible.


Despite what a lot of guys want to believe, a lot of the whores are in the game for themselves, the kids and sick mother are just a good story to get more money from a naive farang.


Ok...that should get something going... :stirthepo:stirthepo:stirthepo:stirthepo:stirthepo:stirthepo:stirthepo:stirthepo:stirthepo:stirthepo

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